Your Guide to Toi et Moi Engagement Rings—and Eight Stunning Options to Shop Now

Favored by celebrities like Jackie Kennedy, Ariana Grande, and Megan Fox, these pieces are more than just a trend.

megan fox and ariana grande engagement ring
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The best jewelry tells a story, and that sentiment is especially true when it comes to engagement rings. These treasured pieces symbolize two people coming together as one—and perhaps no ring style represents that union better than the toi et moi. "The french translation of toi et moi is 'you and I,'" explains Olivia Landau, certified gemologist and CEO and founder of The Clear Cut, noting that the ring style features two main stones, representing each person in the relationship. Putting them onto a single setting, then, is a metaphor for building a life as partners. Sentimentality aside, Landau believes this is a popular option for modern brides simply because of the luxe extra stone. If you're partial to this design, there are a few things you should know before you drop hints to your significant other.

For starters, it's a wonderful shape to work on together, since toi et moi engagement rings give you the ability to create something unique and meaningful to your relationship, Landau shares. Ultimately, you can design the ring with any cut or stone combination that appeals to you. "I love using pear shapes in toi et moi rings; they are great complements to many other shapes," she explains. "You can match a pear shape to a rounded cut, like a round brilliant or cushion, but also a shape with sharper points, like a princess or emerald." Another key consideration? If your personal preference is two stones, Landau says to make sure their general ratings match. "You don't want to see discrepancies when it comes to the quality of the diamonds," she notes. And while it may be tempting to get creative and opt for a pearl or another less-durable gem, Landau recommends sticking with harder stones, like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, for everyday wear.

Whichever gems you choose, you should also make sure their positioning and proportions make sense—and when it comes to the band, Landau says her clients typically opt for a simple setting to ensure the stones are the focal point. Of course, it's your engagement ring, so the way your toi et moi bauble looks is entirely up to you, affirms Landau.

While the rings are extremely popular right now thanks to celebrities like Ariana Grande (whose ring is above, right), Kylie Jenner, and newly-engaged Megan Fox (above, left), you don't have to worry about this being a passing trend. Toi et moi rings have been around for decades. Case in point? Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who accepted John F. Kennedy's proposal in 1953, sported a toi et moi engagement ring designed by Van Cleef & Arpels; her stunning ring featured an emerald-cut emerald and an emerald-cut diamond as the main stones.

Now that you're well versed on everything there is to know about this engagement ring style, we've provided a few eye-catching options that are available to you—or your special someone—right now.

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Ring Concierge

ring concierge Twin Diamond Ring
Courtesy of Ring Concierge

Two sparkling round-cut diamonds define this delicate pavé ring, which has tiny diamonds wrapped around the band, giving it the appearance of a solid stone surface.

Shop Now: Ring Concierge Twin Diamond Ring, $398,

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vrai Mixed Cuff Ring gold ring
Courtesy of Vrai

A company that sources stones mindfully with zero emissions, Vrai offers a customizable take on this style that celebrates the brilliance of dichotomy and sustainability. Choose between a variety of shape combinations, including marquise and trillion and baguette and oval.

Shop Now: Vrai Mixed Cuff Ring, $850,

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1st Dibs

1st dibs Alexander GIA Certified 3.09 Carat Toi Et Moi Emerald & Diamonds Ring 18k Gold
Courtesy 1st Dibs

This eye-catching open-shank ring boasts a floating pear-shaped emerald complemented by a princess cut diamond. Both stones are set on an 18-karat yellow gold band.

Shop Now: 1st Dibs Alexander GIA Certified Emerald & Diamonds Ring, $16,774,

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Mejuri Toi et Moi Diamond Ring
Courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri's bezel setting frames two diamonds—a pear and cushion—inside a thick solid gold band.

Shop Now: Mejuri Bezel Set Diamond Ring, $2200,

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Victor Barbone

Courtesy of V. Barboné

The true star of this statement piece from Victor Barbone is the antique emerald in its original collet setting. A diamond was chosen to match the twinkling green gem.

Shop Now: Victor Barbone Diamond and Emerald "Emarata" Ring, $19,500,

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The Clear Cut

the clear cut irene toi et moi ring
Courtesy of The Clear Cut

With a natural round brilliant and pear-shaped diamond placed in a delicate solid gold band, this stunning piece from The Clear Cut is a sure winner.

Shop Now: The Clear Cut "Irene" Pear and Round Ring, $1,795,

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Light Box

lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. Tw. Toi Et Moi Ring
Courtesy of Lightbox

Adding several stackable wedding bands to Light Box's toi et moi ring is easy thanks to its minimal, but striking design. The modern open-top, two-stone setting features a gorgeous blue (or pink!) laboratory-grown diamond that's sure to turn heads.

Shop Now: Light Box Blue Diamond Ring, $1,100,

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Zoe Lev

zoe lev Pear and Heart Shape Toi et Moi Ring
Courtesy of Zoe Lev

Celebrate your love by including a heart-shaped gem in your two-stone ring. Zoe Lev's beautifully hand-crafted piece is defined by its white topaz gems set on a solid gold band.

Shop Now: Zoe Lev Pear and Heart Shape Ring, $790,

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