Want to Win Free Ice Cream for Life? All You Have to Do Is Correctly Guess Turkey Hill's New Mystery Flavor

Submit your answer by March 14 to qualify.

When you get the craving for something sweet, few things are more disappointing than finding you have nothing in the house to snack on. Luckily, one of America's favorite ice cream brands, Turkey Hill, is looking to remedy this predicament once and for all. The company is giving away the chance to win free ice cream for life if you correctly guess its new mystery flavor of ice cream.

If your tastebuds are ready for the challenge, you can find the mystery flavor in stores nationwide. Anyone who guesses the flavor correctly and submits their answer on Turkey Hill's website will automatically qualify for the chance to one free 48-ounce carton each month for the next 50 years. The winner will receive 60 free-carton coupons for the first five years and a $3,500 gift card to last them the remaining 45.

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If you don't win the grand prize, that doesn't mean you've struck out on free ice cream completely. Turkey Hill is giving away a year's worth of ice cream to 10 first-prize winners who guess the flavor correctly. Additionally, 15 winners will get six coupons for a free carton and 30 will get three. "We like to have fun at Turkey Hill and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring the unexpected to the freezer aisle," says Kriston Ohm, vice president of marketing at Turkey Hill in a statement. Our new Mystery Flavor is sure to sneak some mystery and intrigue into homes across the nation-we can't wait for you to try it."

To enter, you must be a United States resident—Hawaii, Alaska, and Rhode Island are excluded—or a resident of Washington, D.C. Individuals interested in submitting their answer can enter one guess a day now until March 14. Turkey Hill will announce the winners on March 15.

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