Do You Want to Be More Active This Year? You May Want to Live in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, San Diego, or Honolulu

A new survey found that these cities were best for those who live an active lifestyle.

With the new year often comes resolutions people set out to follow throughout the next 365 days. One common goal? To improve physical fitness. According to a new WalletHub survey, where you live can influence your active lifestyle. To find out the best cities across the United States for an active lifestyle, the company compared the 100 most populated in the country based on two main categories: "Budget & Participation" and "Sports & Outdoors." Plus, the team used 34 relevant metrics, such as monthly costs for gyms, price of sports gear, and bike scores, to narrow down locations. As for the city that topped the list? San Francisco, California, which led WalletHub's active lifestyle score (63.59) and had a 21 score for budget and participation and had a score of two for the sports and outdoors category.

The cities to round out the top five best cities for an active lifestyle included: Chicago, Illinois (62.75 active lifestyle score, seven budget and participation score, and four sports and outdoors score), New York, New York (62.54 active lifestyle score, 26 budget and participation score, three sports and outdoors score), San Diego, California (62.11 active lifestyle score, two budget and participation score, five sports and outdoors score), and Honolulu, Hawaii (62.11 active lifestyle score, 73 budget and participation score, one sports and outdoors score).

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The cities that ranked with the worst rankings out of 100 areas for an active lifestyle included: Irving, Texas (31.52 active lifestyle score, 82 budget and participation score, 94 sports and outdoors score), Fort Wayne, Indiana (31.07 active lifestyle score, 68 budget and participation score, 99 sports and outdoors score), Wichita, Kansas (30.46 active lifestyle score, 61 budget and participation score, 100 sports and outdoors score), Winston-Salem, North Carolina (28.95 active lifestyle score, 86 budget and participation score, 98 sports and outdoors score), and North Las Vegas, Nevada (26.83 active lifestyle score, 100 budget and participation score, 95 sports and outdoors score).

As for other cities with specific health perks across the country? Glendale, Arizona, ranked first in lowest monthly fitness-club fees; Seattle, Washington, led the list in the lowest percentage of physically inactive residents; Cleveland, Ohio, had a number one rank in most swimming pools per capita; New York, New York featured the most basketball hoops per capita; Honolulu, Hawaii had the most tennis courts per capita; Gilbert, Arizona had the most public golf courses per capita; Seattle, Washington topped the list for most fitness centers with virtual classes per capita; and New York, New York had the most park playgrounds per capita.

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