Five Time-Saving Tools That Our Editors Always Make Space for in Our Kitchens

They're mostly small in size, relatively inexpensive, and pay you back daily as you'll definitely use them on the regular.

Kitchen Tools on Countertop
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There are hundreds of gadgets out there that promise to make prepping and cooking easier and faster, but there are very few that our editors agree are worth giving up space for in our kitchens. Single-use gadgets, especially, tend to be the types of tools our editors shy away from. So, what do we think deserves a place in our cupboards, drawers, and on our shelves? Here, we're sharing our favorite handy tools that we use regularly and would actually recommend that you add to your kitchen tool kit.

Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline
Johnny Miller


For salads, gratins, and any other dish that you need thinly sliced vegetables for, the prep doesn't have to be tedious. Use a handheld mandoline—its sharp blade delivers rapid results so beets, carrots, potatoes, or zucchini are evenly sliced in no time at all.

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Martha Stewart Collection Small Cookie Scoop
Courtesy of Macy's

Spring-Loaded Scoop

A scoop is not just for ice cream! We use this smaller size cookie scoop in the test kitchen all the time. It's our go-to tool for portioning out cookie dough, meatballs, or muffin batter in record time.

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Oxo Salad Spinner
Courtesy of OXO

Salad Spinner

Who wants to eat gritty salad? Not us. A salad spinner is hands down the best way to clean and dry leafy greens, not just lettuce and other salad greens but also kale and chard. Also, dry salad greens hold dressing better and stay fresh longer. Save time (and paper towels) with a spinner that doubles as a storage container, too.

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Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender
Courtesy of Sur La Table

Immersion Blender

Purée soups and sauces right in the pot! When you use an immersion or stick blender, you avoid the messy step (and cleanup) of transferring hot liquid to a regular blender.

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microplane zester and grater
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma


We can't even remember life in the kitchen before the microplane. This handy grater tackles so many tasks that it's hardly ever out of service. There's no better or quicker way to create fluffy clouds of finely grated Parmesan, citrus zest, spices, or chocolate.

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