The Majority of Americans Agree That Moms Give the Best Holiday Presents

New research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Memento found that 64 percent of Americans feel closer to their family members this holiday season than ever before.

Celebrating the holidays with family truly helps make the season special. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Memento, 64 percent of 2000 Americans polled shared that they are closer to their families than ever before, even if they couldn't see them as often because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seven in 10 participants said that they look at photos and videos to feel more connected to their loved ones. Most of the respondents kept in touch by calling them on the phone (66 percent), 56 percent texted, and 50 percent gathered in person. When it comes time to exchange gifts for the holidays, there is one family member who knows exactly what to get: Moms, as 18 percent of the survey respondents noted that they get the best presents from the matriarch.

The full list for best gift givers includes: brothers at 8%; dads at seven percent; grandmothers and daughters both at 6%; friends, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and sons at 3%; nieces at 2%; and family friends, nephews, and roommates at 1%.

mother exchanging holiday gift with adult daughter
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Thirty-nine percent of respondents noted that they give gifts to show how much they care about their families and 27% said the gift recipient's surprise is the best reward. Plus, 17% hope for "Awww!" as their reaction, 16% seek laughter, and 12% are touched when people get tearful. Some of the most memorable gifts included custom-made household items, personalized jewelry, vacations, cars, family heirlooms, and time with family.

No matter the gift, there are ways people enjoy spending the holidays with loved ones. "Video has emerged as one of the most meaningful ways for consumers to connect and show appreciation for each other," said Matt Douglas, CEO, of Punchbowl, Inc., the parent company behind Memento. "The average American watches videos of their family on their phone or computer twice a week, and video gifts are the latest trend in gift-giving." He added that 55% of consumers prefer to receive digital gifts or experiences rather than physical presents. That can be seen in the survey data, which showed that 51% of respondents plan to put together a photo or video gift to share at a gathering."

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