Watch Martha Make Holiday Crafts with 'Saturday Night Live' 's Ana Gasteyer in This Throwback Clip

In addition to being hilarious, the two Martha's whip up some incredibly festive décor.

Martha loves to share her best tips for everything home-related, and that's especially true around the holidays: After all, our founder has plenty of advice on how to decorate your home, bake Christmas cookies, and plan a festive dinner menu. With her guidance, Martha has been helping families get through the holiday season for decades. Recently, a fan-owned Instagram page shared a throwback clip from Martha's 2000 Christmas Special, during which she shared her best holiday hosting tips. The special featured Tony Bennet, Cyndi Lauper, Melissa Joan Hart, and, Ana Gasteyer, who shot to Saturday Night Live stardom when she first impersonated Martha on the show in 1996.

The 58 second Instagram video is part of a longer segment that aired during the holiday season. Gasteyer and Martha appear on the screen dressed exactly alike, both donning light blue sweaters and our founder's signature hairstyle. "People are always asking me how I seem to get so much done in a day," Martha says. "Well, I thought I'd let you in on a little secret this Christmas. Actually, there are two of me." During the segment, Martha shares her tips for how to make a holiday card using spray paint and a piece of evergreen, as well as how to construct a wintery centerpiece.

Interspersed throughout the helpful decorating advice is hilarious banter between Gasteyer—who plays Martha's double—and Martha herself. Early in the segment Gasteyer asks Martha, "Did anyone ever tell you you're very pretty?" To which our founder responds, "Well, they usually say that I look so much better on Saturday Night Live than on my own show." The joke is a nod to Gasteyer's SNL performances, during which she portrayed our founder making on-brand holiday crafts for everything from Halloween to St. Patrick's Day.

The throwback Instagram clip concludes with Martha announcing a new Christmas craft she developed. "Actually one of our craft elves dreamed up this bit, but it's our TV special so we're going to take the credit," Gasteyer jokes.

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