Brighten Your Bathroom with These Fresh 2022 Paint Trends

Experts share the shades that will be most popular in the year ahead.

Whether you're painting a little-used powder room or your bedroom's en suite, bathroom paint colors are trending in one of two ways in 2022: calming shades that turn your daily routine into a thoughtful ritual, or dramatic tones that you might not take a risk on in a larger room. Ahead, discover the most popular bathroom paint colors to consider this year.

dark green bathroom wall with white flooring and ceiling
Courtesy of Lowe's

Blues and Greens

If you're redoing the bathroom where you start and end your days, focus on creating a luxurious—but subtle—atmosphere. "I think it's important to create a space that does bring that sense of calm and serenity," says Nicole Gibbons of Clare. "Bathrooms that feel spa-like—I think a lot of people aspire to that, despite how their bathroom may actually look." Lean toward traditional soft blues and cool whites, plus this year's favorite shade, green. "Very soft shades of blue feel calm and serene," says Gibbons, who likes her brand's Chill, a pale gray with calming green undertones; its slightly richer cousin Grayish; and the ocean-inspired Headspace.

white bathroom with black accents
Athena Calderone

White, Gray, Sage, and Beige

Another consideration in 2022? Choosing a color that keeps your beauty routine running smoothly. "Fresh, crisp colors don't alter the light too much, so you can still see yourself when you're getting ready and the bathroom feels fresh and bright when you're starting your day," says Gibbons. Her recommendations: Snow Day, a cool, "fresh and bright" white and greyish-beige Penthouse. At Sherwin-Williams, director of color marketing Sue Wadden suggests a modern take on nature-inspired green. "Evergreen Fog is a beautiful sage green that adds a dose of sophistication to a bathroom while being comforting and fresh," she says.

lavender and white bathroom with light pink accents
Molly Winters Culver

Citrus and Berry Tones

Bolder shades are also a popular trend for bathrooms, since the rooms offer a relatively low-commitment area in which to apply and test out a more dramatic hue. "Since they're typically one of the smallest rooms in the home, bathrooms are a great place to experiment with color," says Wadden. "We're really starting to see people design for themselves and bathrooms are a great testing ground." For that reason, Wadden expects to see even more homeowners stepping out of their comfort zone to paint their bathroom in memorable shades this year. "From lush greens to cheerful peaches to more moody purples and dramatic charcoals, bathrooms can handle bold colors and patterns," she says. Look to vintage citrus shades and eye-catching berry tones to create a space that's uniquely yours. "Rejuvenate is a peachy orange reminiscent of the '60s and '70s for a retro, optimistic vibe," says Wadden. "Blackberry is a deep purple hue that would make a dramatic statement in a bathroom, but it plays well with a number of finishes from white subway tile to gold fixtures. Opening the door to a fun and personality-filled bathroom can be like opening a jewelry box."

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