They're fast, easy, and delicious, just right for impromptu entertaining.

Being excited to watch the Super Bowl and being prepared to host friends while you watch the game are two very different things. If you find yourself without a snacking menu on game day morning, consider these recipes your very own Hail Mary pass: Whip up one or two of these easy bites before guests arrive, and you're well on your way to game-day success. Best of all, each recipe is a triple threat: delicious, fast, and so easy to make at the last minute.

Kettle Chip Nachos

For a quick twist on traditional nachos, try our Kettle-Chip Nachos—the recipe uses spuds instead of tortilla chips. It takes under 30 minutes from start to finish, but this sheet pan appetizer really does have it all: There's a creamy blue cheese-gouda sauce, irresistibly crunchy kettle chips, and a spicy sliced jalapeño topping.

Credit: Andrew Purcell

Creamy Pepperoncini Dip

If your dinner for the big game is going to be a pie from your favorite pizzeria, more power to you! We're all for outsourcing when it makes the day go smoother. Looking for something to serve alongside it? Consider whipping up this super quick and delicious Creamy Pepperoncini Dip. It's great with crunchy vegetables and chips, but will really shine when drizzled over slices of pizza.

Pull-Apart Sliders
Credit: The Morrisons

Pull-Apart Sliders

These easy ground beef Pull-Apart Sliders are as all-American as, well, the Super Bowl! Since they take just 30 minutes to make, they're a great dinner option for a last-minute watch party where you want something substantial to go with your chips and dip.

spicy queso fundido
Credit: Pernille Loof

Queso Fundido

This hot dip couldn't be easier to make and will be just the warm welcome guests need on a chilly afternoon when they come over to watch the game. Our Queso Fundido is made using the broiler in your oven, which means it comes together fast. You'll find that the flavor really pops thanks to ingredients like charred poblanos, spicy serranos, and bubbly hot mozzarella and goat cheeses.

Credit: Emily Kate Roemer

Cannoli Dip

Need a sweet treat to end the day with? Try this creamy Cannoli Dip. If you're really in a hurry, skip the homemade crisps and grab a package of waffle cones when you're at the store; break them into bite-size shards and serve with strawberries and toothpicks on the side.


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