Everything from food tours to outdoor adventures are on people's wishlists.

As Christmas Day continues to grow closer and closer, many people are on the hunt for the most prized gifts for their loved ones. A tangible present might not be the only thing on their wishlist, though. GetYourGuide.com, a travel booking platform, just conducted a new study that explained how Americans want to spend the rest of 2021—and even the beginning of 2022—by traveling and having experiences to compensate for the time spent in solitude in 2020. In fact, 62 percent of the survey respondents preferred experiences, like travel, outdoor adventures, and wine tastings, instead of physical gifts. "Spending time together is the most valuable gift you can give someone, and as it turns out, exactly what many Americans are hoping to receive this holiday season," said Jean-Gabriel Duveau, GetYourGuide VP of Brand and Strategic Partnerships.

In general, people are planning in advance for travel because of costs. Just this year, Americans prepped 58 days before traveling for the holidays (December 1 to January 1), which is an average of 15 days sooner than in 2019. And 60 percent of people are already planning for 2022 travel. Early preparation is also a factor when it comes to gifting. "As shipping delays and supply chain issues interrupt the arrival of physical gifts, digital gifting options like GetYourGuide travel experiences are the perfect solution to gift unique excursions and create lasting memories," Duveau shared.

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According to the study, consumers' main gifting concerns this year include shipping delays (59 percent), out of stock items (54 percent), and shipping costs (46 percent). Nearly half of the survey participants noted that some of the top items on their wishlists were sold out or backordered. And many are event struggling to gift for particular people in their lives, as 30 percent explained that it's most difficult to shop for their partner or spouse during the holidays. Otherwise, 62 percent of the survey respondents just liked experiences instead of physical gifts for the holidays.

The survey noted that 60 percent of male respondents wanted experiences as gifts (outdoor adventures at 50 percent, food or culinary tours at 44 percent, and water activities at 42 percent) instead physical items, and 68 percent of them added that the products they would have wanted are already sold out. Sixty-four percent of female respondents enjoyed experiences (outdoor adventures at 35 percent, food or culinary tours at 34 percent, and wine or beer tastings at 32 percent) over physical gifts, and 35 percent noted that their favorite items are already out of stock.


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