If you were invited to a flurry of celebrations in 2022, these affordable rental companies might come in handy (and keep you on-budget).
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When that wedding invitation hits your mailbox, your first feeling is excitement—you can't wait to watch your loved ones tie the knot and begin to anticipate their next-level celebration. Your second thought? What are you going to wear? If you have a flurry of events to attend next year—which is likely, given the fact that 2022 will be one of the busiest wedding seasons in decades—you're probably concerned about purchasing garments for all of them. Our best advice, especially if you're on a budget, is to consider a fashion rental site. Ahead, discover several companies that allow you to rent and return fashion-forward dresses, jumpsuits, suits, and more for every event you were invited to next year.

Armoire Style

Not sure what to wear for a wedding? Armoire Style can help. This site offers a style quiz that will identify your personal aesthetic, then curates a selection of outfits via its algorithm and team of professional stylists. Prices start at $69 per month for a four-item capsule (any unused pieces roll over to the next month). You'll get free shipping for deliveries and returns, plus over $1,000 worth of clothing in every shipment.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway gives its customers the option to choose between attire deliveries every week or month to add to their wardrobe. For those who simply want to rent an item for the wedding, you can opt for a one-time rental for a four- or eight-day period. You can pick out the garments of your choosing and select a delivery date of one to two days before the event. Once the items are ready for return, you can place them (plus the hangers and the plastic they came in, since the Rent the Runway team recycles them) right back in the bag and tack on the prepaid shipping label.


Choose items from the Poshare catalog, your desired rental term (four, seven, or 14 days), and delivery method (pick up, courier delivery, or shipping). If you want to keep a garment for good after the wedding, you can "buy NWT," which means it will be brand-new and unworn. Buying something labeled "Good Condition"" means that the garment has been previously used, so it will come without a tag, but will still be in great shape.

The Mr. Collection and Ms. Collection

Let The Mr. Collection and Ms. Collection styling subscription service help take the pressure off finding the perfect wedding outfit. Their team hand-selects pieces for you, thanks to their Style Profile. If you end of loving an item, you can buy it with an exclusive member discount.

Gwynnie Bee

New designs are launched weekly from Gwynnie Bee, which has options for sizes 0 to 32, which means you can shop well in advance for top contenders. For a monthly fee, you can browse, wear, return, and buy a variety of looks spanning from cocktail attire, which might be perfect for an outdoor, garden wedding, or upscale pieces that could work for a black-tie event.

Fashion Pass

If you want to keep your wedding attire long after the nuptials (or want to wear the same dress to a few events), consider using Fashion Pass. This service allows you to keep clothing for as long as you want, so long as you have a membership. Simply return whenever you are ready to select a new item.


Nuuly is filled with items from stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People for rent. Choose up to any six items and you'll be able to wear them for up to one month. By the end of the billing cycle, you can either choose to buy, return, or re-up your subscription for another month.

Vince Unfold

For a flat monthly fee of $160 at Vince Unfold, which includes unlimited exchanges and complimentary two-way shipping, you can rent designer items on Vince.com. The individual clothing items have a designated rental period, but you can also choose to keep an item for longer—you will be charged a daily usage fee in this case.


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