A New Survey Reveals the Most Universally Enjoyed Holiday Gifts

Most Americans prefer to play it safe with chocolate and gift baskets topping the list.

Although gift giving is a big part of the holiday season, it can be stressful if you're not sure what the special people in your life have on their wish list. If you're someone that never seems to pick out the perfect present, you're in luck. A new survey commissioned by BJ's WholeSale Club and conducted by OnePoll reveals that most Americans prefer receiving gifts that play it safe. Of the survey respondents, 58 percent believe that chocolate is the most universally enjoyed gift, followed by holiday gift baskets (50 percent), and gift cards (49 percent).

Of the 2,000 Americans surveyed, 58 percent think they're easy to shop for during the holidays, while one in 20 believe they're impossible to shop for. The respondents that feel they're tough to buy presents for attribute it to being extremely picky about what they want. However, 47 percent believe they already have everything they need, and 45 percent never know what to ask for. Although some of the survey respondents report being selective when it comes to receiving presents, 68 percent say the thought behind the gift counts more than the gift itself.

holiday gift basket with wine and chocolates
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To make holiday shopping easier, seven in 10 respondents admit they prefer loved ones give them a wish list of the gifts they want for the holiday season. Among the difficult to shop for giftees, 49 percent say they prefer giving others a wish list of exactly what they want. Respondents share their holiday shopping wish lists with significant others (51 percent), their kids (41 percent), and friends (36 percent).

For a majority of giftees (74 percent) says they'll buy a present for themselves if they don't receive something from their holiday wish list. "Shopping for loved ones this holiday doesn't have to feel daunting or stressful," says Molly Cox, senior vice president of general merchandise at BJ's Wholesale Club. "In an easy one-stop-shop, you can find a wide assortment of both unique and tried-and-true gifts, even for the pickiest gift recipients on your list." Two-thirds of Americans also admit they'll feel guilty if they receive an expensive gift for the holidays, further cementing the idea that simplicity is key when it comes to holiday shopping.

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