These Are the Most Popular Types of Cakes Across the United States

The overall winner? Ice cream cake!

Whether you indulge in assortments of ice cream or treat yourself to a warm batch of cookies, there are plenty of desserts that can satisfy your sweet tooth. However, there is one type of treat that reigns supreme in the eyes of consumers: cake. According to a new study conducted by Shane Co. that analyzed Google Trends search data over the last 12 months, findings included 30 of the most popular cake flavors in every state across the United States. As for the cake that garnered the most votes from states? Ice cream cake, as residents in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington all consider this one their favorite.

Taking the second slot, seven states love a fruit-centered dessert: strawberry cake. The areas that opted for this treat include: Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Tennessee. It goes without saying that may people adore chocolate-based treats. Coming in third place, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia voted for molten lava cake.

Banana Cake
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The remainder of the list ended up in either a tie for fourth, fifth, or sixth place, as some categories had the same number of votes for a designated cake. North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin's most popular cake was Angel food cake. California, Delaware, and New York picked sponge cake. In fifth place: Alaska and New Mexico chose carrot cake, Florida and Hawaii chose cheesecake, Maine and Montana chose chocolate cake, Colorado and Indiana chose Devil's food cake, District of Columbia and Utah chose Funfetti cake, Mississippi and South Carolina chose pound cake, and Idaho and Nebraska chose pumpkin spice cake.

Some states were simply the only to select one particular type of cake. The desserts that came in sixth include: Missouri for butter cake, Louisiana for cookie cake, Wyoming for German chocolate cake, Vermont for lemon cake, Rhode Island for marble cake, West Virginia for orange cake, Connecticut for pistachio cake, Alabama for red velvet cake, and Ohio for white cake.

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