Do You Hide Christmas Presents in Your Bedroom Closet? A New Survey Reveals That's the First Place Kids Look

Nearly half of respondents said they aim to keep the gifts out of sight from their children.

The countdown has officially begun, as we are now less than 25 days away until Christmas. The impending holiday comes with plenty of traditions, like taking time to celebrate with loved ones, listening to seasonal tunes, making festive cookies and treats for Santa Claus, and opening up gifts found beneath the Christmas tree. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, many people do their best to hide those presents from family members and friends, but that effort is not not always successful. According to a recent study conducted by Neighbor that surveyed 1,000 Americans, only 50 percent of respondents have hidden gifts without them being found. As for the most popular hiding spot? Bedroom closets. But this exact location is actually the first place people look for the Christmas presents and the area where the gifts are found.

The most popular hiding spots for the holiday gifts are as follows, according to the survey respondents: Bedroom closet (53 percent), spare room (31.5 percent), coat closet (26 percent), under the bed (26 percent), in the trunk of a car (25 percent), in a spare drawer or cabinet (17 percent), in the basement (16 percent), in the garage (15 percent), under a couch (14 percent), at someone else's house (14 percent), in the attic (13 percent), in a desk (11 percent), outside (11 percent), in a kid's room (10 percent), in a shed (10 percent), in the bathroom (nine percent), in a storage unit (eight-and-a-half percent). While there are places near and far that people choose to hide gifts, some of them are obvious locations to look. In terms of the first places people look for gifts: Bedroom closet (25 percent), under a bed (22 percent), in the trunk of a car (15 percent), coat closet (nine percent), in a kid's room (six percent), in a spare room (six percent), all other answers (17 percent).

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No matter the gift, the respondents wanted to ensure different people in their lives wouldn't spot them, as 47 percent said they were hiding them from their kids, 38 percent said their partner, 20 percent said their friends, 20 percent said their siblings, 18 percent said their parents, and 17 percent said their extended family. However, the most popular places to hide presents also ended up being the place where people found them: 26 percent of respondents had one of their gifts found in their closet, 21 percent said trunk of their car, 10 percent said in the spare room, nine percent said coat closet, eight percent said under the bed, four percent said in a spare drawer or cabinet, three percent said in the garage, two percent said in the basement, two percent said in the attic, and 15 percent said in another location.

Although there are some risks of Christmas gifts being found by loved ones, the respondents weren't too worried about it—even though 32 percent of people said their gifts were spotted in less than a week after they hid them, 21 percent in less than an hour, 20 percent in under one or two days, 19 percent in under a month, and eight percent as it's being wrapped. In fact, 82 percent said they ship gifts for Christmas directly to their homes. The other 18 percent said they ship to other locations to keep them from being uncovered. All in all, 60 percent of survey participants said hiding Christmas presents is a part of the holiday fun, whereas 19 percent noted that it adds to their holiday stress and 21 percent said it causes them some anxiety.

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