There's just something about artful presentation—it makes food taste that much better.
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Looks Like White Crinkle Edge Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Food52

A new year is almost here, and that's reason enough to host a fancy dinner party and pull out all the stops. The first thing you'll want to do to prep for your 2022 parties? Invest in a quality serving platter. When you spend hours perfecting an intricate appetizer, an involved main course, or a beautiful dessert, you want to showcase it on a piece it deserves. After all, special occasions call for special dinnerware. Ahead, we've pulled together the best serving platters for all of your future celebrations.

Top Picks

Williams Sonoma "Provence" Hand Painted Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Whimsical Forest

If you prefer ornate patterns, you'll love this hand-painted platter and its colorful 17th-century folkloric design. Look closely and you'll spot castles and forest creatures. It's the statement piece you've been missing.

Shop Now: Williams Sonoma "Provence" Hand Painted Platter, $119.95,

Pottery Barn "Mendocino" Stoneware Large Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Ivory Stoneware

For a more modern aesthetic, go for clean lines, which you'll find on this ivory-colored stoneware serving tray.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn "Mendocino" Stoneware Large Platter, $79,

Anthropologie "Botanica" Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Vibrant Floral

In need of a housewarming or wedding gift? You can't go wrong with a gorgeous statement option. This hand-painted floral number works across all seasons, whether the recipient is serving a winter salad or plating a summer brunch—and it's under $60. 

Shop Now: Anthropologie "Botanica" Platter, $58,

Juliska Sitio Stripe Indigo Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Olivela

Indigo Stripes

For a more nautical vibe, choose a white platter with blue detailing, like this indigo striped serving platter from Juliska. While it is fancy enough for special occasions, it's still dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer safe.

Shop Now: Juliska Sitio Stripe Indigo Platter, $125,

Neiman Marcus "Pavoes" Handled Oval Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Ornate Handles

As the priciest item on our list, which clocks in at just under $200, this oval platter is still an impressive deal for the quality. The elegant (but sturdy) handles make it perfect for heavier, protein-rich dishes.

Shop Now: Neiman Marcus "Pavoes" Handled Oval Platter, $198,

Villeroy & Boch Wood Footed Serving Plate
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Wooden Standing Platter

If you want to highlight a particular dish, choose a serving platter that will literally stand out above the rest. This footed option has wooden legs that elevate the plate, making it perfect for special occasion desserts (like birthday cake).

Shop Now: Villeroy & Boch Wood Footed Serving Plate, $76,

Martha Stewart Collection "Baroque" Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Macy's

Gold Trim

This gorgeous, gold-trimmed platter is sophisticated enough for your fanciest dinner parties. And at just over $20, it's the most affordable quality pick on our list—thanks, Martha!

 Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection "Baroque" Platter, $23,

Pottery Barn Chambray Tile Stoneware Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Chambray Tile

If you appreciate intricate design, you'll love this chambray tile stoneware piece. It's perfect for showcasing your fanciest hors d'oeuvres, like toasted brioche with crème fraîche and caviar.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn Chambray Tile Stoneware Platter, $49,

Coton Colors Scallop Edge Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

Scallop Edge

A scallop-edge dish gives any bite or entrée an added dose of whimsy. Whip up some easy, last-minute appetizers and they'll look extra fancy when served up on this pretty piece.

Shop Now: Coton Colors Scallop Edge Platter, $45,

Looks Like White Crinkle Edge Platter
Credit: Courtesy of Food52

Crinkle Edge

With a crinkle rim and unglazed finish, this piece feels organic and natural—not overly polished, but still chic. It's ideal for more rustic dishes, like roasted chicken thighs and heirloom veggies.

Shop Now: Looks Like White Crinkle Edge Platter, $105,


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