Nearly Half of Americans Plan to Skip Black Friday and Shop During Small Business Saturday Instead

Support the local shops near you, as eight in 10 survey respondents note that local shops are the heartbeat of their community.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that's known for massive sales, gets a lot of attention at the start of the holiday shopping season. This year, however, more shoppers than ever are skipping out on the savings offered by big-box retailers and visiting their favorite local stores for Small Business Saturday instead. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of SurePayroll, which surveyed 2,003 Americans, seven in ten respondents said that they would rather avoid a big chain store and travel about eight miles to shop local small businesses for the holiday season. While 59 percent are planning to skip Black Friday altogether and 27 percent never participate in this designated shopping day, about 48 percent are looking forward to supporting Small Business Saturday this year, as eight in ten explain that local shops are the heartbeat of their community and are devastated when they have to close their doors.

Although 37 percent note that small businesses can be more expensive, 46 percent believe they'll be able to save some money while shopping at their favorite independently-owned businesses starting this weekend. Plus, just in the last year-and-a-half, 64 percent of the survey respondents said they shopped more at local shops, as 47 percent preferred to get their groceries, 43 percent dine in, and 41 percent get coffee from these businesses.

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"The survey shows small businesses have the potential to win big with consumers this holiday shopping season. Consumers crave the quality, in-person experience and connection to community that shopping with local small businesses can uniquely provide," said John Cumbee, SurePayroll General Manager, in a statement. About 80 percent enjoy purchasing products from small businesses whenever possible and seven in 10 find the food to be even more delicious from the local restaurants rather than large franchises. Simply put, 58 percent just enjoy supporting the small businesses in their communities and 45 percent believe that their money will do more for small businesses.

Four in five feel the customer service is better at these businesses, too: The employees are friendlier and easier to connect with than at chain businesses. On average, the respondents noted that they were on a first-name basis with six local business owners and employees. Two in five think that shopping larger businesses is impersonal and that some of these companies have replaced their favorite shops in their neighborhoods. Nearly half of the shoppers shared that the products are higher quality and employees are more attentive when buying local. "Americans are invested in supporting independently owned small businesses, where the majority of their spend stays in the community and helps deliver a positive impact to the local economy," Cumbee added. "Given the choice, an overwhelming number of people this small business Saturday prefer to shop with small businesses, even if a large chain is closer or more convenient."

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