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These Kits and Accessories Will Ensure You Build the Best Snowman on the Block

Think beyond button eyes and carrot noses.
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When it's cold enough for your kids to recreate snowmen from classic holiday cartoons, take advantage of today's clever kits and adorable embellishments that will bring festive cold-weather creations to life. From wooden accessories and novelty hats to scarves that can be worn by real or snow people, we've got all the extra-creative snowman decorating ideas your kids will need for the winter season. Shop our top picks, below.

Top Picks

Nuxn 13-Piece Snowman Decorating Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Comprehensive Kit

Give your kids everything they need to create their own Frosty. This convenient kit includes a top hat, red scarf, buttons, a fake carrot nose, dots to form eyes and mouths, and a faux pipe.

Shop Now: Nuxn 13-Piece Snowman Decorating Kit, $14.99,

L.L. Bean Snowman Family Kit
Credit: Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Antlers, Too

Not only does this kit come with all the necessary wooden components to make multiple snowmen—from fake carrot noses to glasses and button eyes—but it offers wooden antlers for some reindeer friends, too.

Shop Now: L.L. Bean Snowman Family Kit, $39.95,

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Build-A-Snowman Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Striped Snowman

A striped scarf and cute drawstring bag separate this snowman kit from others like it. Plus, your kids will be able to easily keep the numerous components in the set together.

Shop Now: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Build-A-Snowman Kit, $19.99,

RMWaxWorks Large Snowman Carrot Nose
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Carrot Nose

Crafted by hand from polymer clay, these detailed carrot noses bring a life-like aesthetic to playtime in the snow.

Shop Now: RMWaxWorks Large Snowman Carrot Nose, $7.98,

Decorate-A-Great Snowman 40 Piece Wooden Accessories Decorating Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Wooden Accessories

This joyful kit brings colors and cartoonish graphics to your kid's snowman activities with more than 40 wooden pieces in the collection. Ranging from bow ties and different hats to various facial expressions, your child can create an entire family of snow people.

Shop Now: Decorate-A-Great Snowman 40 Piece Wooden Accessories Decorating Kit, $39.98,

Nicky Bigs Novelties Store Snowman Top Hat with Plaid Band
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Top Hat and Plaid

A top hat with a plaid ribbon and mistletoe pendant will convince your child that a snowman walked out of their favorite holiday movie.

Shop Now: Nicky Bigs Novelties Store Snowman Top Hat with Plaid Band, $16.95,

Cupcakes & Cartwheels Snowman in a Box Decorating Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Snowman in a Box

With the slogan "Everything You Need Except the Snow," this kit will allow your child to express their creativity with decorative pieces and classic snowman accessories.

Shop Now: Cupcakes & Cartwheels Snowman in a Box Decorating Kit, $19,

Wander Agio Plaid Scarf
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Classic Scarf

This classic plaid scarf in red-and-black hues might be designed for humans, but the affordable price and nostalgic look is perfect for snow people, too. Plus, if you want to explore your options, this scarf is available in nine different colors.

Shop Now: Wander Agio Plaid Scarf, $7.99,

Llamaababie 16-Piece Outdoor Snowman Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Everything They Need

Turn snow activities into a festive DIY project with this 16-piece snowman kit. Made from felt, plastic, and wool, you'll find a scarf, a top hat, and plenty of decorative embellishments to bring your child's snowman to life.

Shop Now: Llamaababie 16-Piece Outdoor Snowman Kit, $14.99,