It only takes three easy steps.

New year, new makeup—there's no better time to switch up your signature beauty look than at the start of a brand-new year. If you have been wearing the same shades and styles for years, and you want a new method that you'll actually stick with, simple changes are the best way forward. As for where to start? We asked celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli for several ways to try an alternative signature look in the new year, so you can feel fresh but also still feel like yourself.

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Step outside your comfort zone.

First things first: Step outside of your comfort zone. "Oftentimes I'll hear, 'Oh, I can't wear a red lip,' and then we find a perfect shade of red that works surprisingly well," Scibelli notes. Next, pick a feature you want to focus on. For example, if you have never accented your lips before (or looked beyond your trusty nude hue), he says to start looking for shades that are a bit bolder, but still wearable—and the same goes for eye makeup.

Look to social media for inspiration.

We're surrounded by so much makeup inspiration, Scibelli shares, which is why sourcing a few looks to copy is simple if you know where to look. Give Instagram's explore section a scroll, or follow a few makeup brands, artists, or beauty-savvy celebrities that resonate with you.

Consider a few timely trends.

Another good place to start? Consider the up-and-coming beauty trends that will dominate in the new year. In 2022, Scibelli predicts that bold eyes and lips will be two looks of choice. "Bold, graphic eyeliners have been huge, as well as glossy, hydrating lip products," he says. "I love both—and I definitely think there are ways to wear both." If you have never experimented with eyeliner before, for example, he says to start simple; use a thin liquid line to create definition on the lash line. When you get more comfortable, play with the color; Scibelli's picks for winter are forest green, brown, and navy. "Eyeliners and bold eyeshadows can really give an instant change to your signature look, and they can also bring out your features in new ways," he says. As for bold lips? Start close to your natural lip color and then bump it up just a few shades—after all, switching up your makeup look in the new year shouldn't be intimidating.


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