The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dish Among Americans Is Turkey, a New Survey Says

Respondents are least excited about dinners rolls, green beans, and salad.

Whether it's a plate of fluffy mashed potatoes or a slice of homemade pumpkin pie, everyone has a dish they look forward to more than the rest during Thanksgiving. At least, that's the thought behind a recent survey conducted by puzzle manufacturer Bits and Pieces, which set out to find the most popular Turkey Day dish among Americans. Fittingly, the top dish that guests look forward to each year is none other than the turkey itself, ranking first among 29.5 percent of respondents.

The survey polled more than 3,000 Americans to see what they have a hankering for most during the national holiday. Turkey and ham came out on top, but there were some other front runners as well. Mashed potatoes came in second with 15.4 percent of Americans favoring the dish. That was followed by pies (12.7 percent), casseroles (10.1 percent), and macaroni and cheese (8.7 percent). At the bottom of the totem pole were cranberries (4.1 percent), dinner rolls (3.5 percent), green beans (2.5 percent), and salad (1.0 percent).

Thanksgiving Wisdom

Beyond discovering the top ranked Thanksgiving dish, Bits and Pieces' survey also set out to find which holiday rituals are most popular among Americans. While there are many ways to celebrate the holiday season, the survey found that four traditions came out on top: neighborhood light displays, Christmas movies, decorating the tree, and tree lighting ceremonies. The most popular ritual overall—winning in 24 states—was watching Christmas movies. It was followed by neighborhood light displays, which ranked first in 12 states and tied for first in one additional state.

If you're still not sure what holiday gifts to buy for you loved ones this year, the survey also has answers to that conundrum as well. According to the results, 30.2 percent of respondents want clothes or shoes and 27.9 percent are hoping for gift cards. Other preferences include toys, puzzles, and games (10.7 percent), as well as electronics and appliances (7.4 percent). However, some people prefer the gift of an experience over a physical possession. Of the respondents who feel this way, 42 percent hope the experience is concert tickets.

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