Pair your signature cocktail with these celebratory snacks.
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Credit: Nico Schinco

Though holiday season might make it seem true, humans can't live on cookies and cocktails alone. That's where these substantial yet celebratory snacks come in. Our trio of easy-to-make recipes complement a bevy of sips—and will ensure that no one at your gathering imbibes on an empty stomach. Make one or all three, your guests will thank you.

rosemary-cayenne snack mix with puffed-corn cereal
Credit: Nico Schinco

Rosemary-Cayenne Snack Mix

Puffed corn stars in our twist on cereal mix. For Rosemary-Cayenne Snack Mix, it's baked in a sweet-and-spicy blend of butter, apple-cider vinegar, and maple syrup, with dashes of rosemary and cayenne.

candied mixed nuts with bitters
Credit: Nico Schinco

Candied Mixed Nuts with Bitters

These candied mixed nuts are spiced with sugar, cinnamon, and pepper, then they get an extra hit of warming spices from the addition of Angostura bitters, which you whip with egg whites and stir into the nuts before baking.

seeded feta bites served with gold skewers
Credit: Nico Schinco

Seeded Feta Bites

For an interactive party appetizer, guests can roll skewered feta in sumac, sesame seeds, and flaky sea salt for Seeded Feta Bites that are definitely worth "cheers"-ing.

More Nifty Nibbles

Prep your pantry ready for party season (drop-in guests included) with these specialty eats our food editors love.

Norwegian Baked Sea Salt Knekkebrod
Credit: Courtesy of Norwegian Baked

Hearty Crackers

Made with whole grains and packed with seeds, Norwegian Baked Sea Salt Knekkebrod is satisfyingly nutty and easily hoists dips or cheese.

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La Quercia Salami Americano
Credit: Courtesy of La Quercia

Cured Meat

An addictive addition to a charcuterie spread, La Quercia Salami Americano is subtly flavored with garlic and black pepper.

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Broccoli Friarielli di Napoli
Credit: Courtesy of Maida

Briny Bites

Broccoli rabe marinated with garlic, chile pepper, and white-wine vinegar is guaranteed to add a punch to an antipasti plate.

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