Protect your floors from sap and needles while also enhancing the Christmas cheer in your space with this clever DIY project.
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Ribbon Tree Skirt
Lennart Weibull

The benefits of this no-sew tree skirt are threefold: It hides unsightly stands, protects floors from sticky pine needles, and does it all with stylish cheer. Since the starburst pattern is just made with varying lengths of felt ribbon that are easily attached with iron-on adhesive, it's a foolproof way to festoon your evergreen. And if you'd rather purchase this accessory? We have you covered—our editors rounded up several of the prettiest Christmas tree skirts that you can shop right now.

Art Direction by Ryan Mesina; Styling by Lorna Aragon


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Fold a 60-inch square of 1.2-millimeter felt fabric into a 30-by-60-inch rectangle. Cut a 30-inch piece of string and tie it to a pencil to make a compass. Holding the end of the string at the top center of the fabric rectangle, and the pencil at either corner, draw an even, curved line from one side of the rectangle to the other. Repeat to make a smaller center opening, using a length of string that's about two inches longer than half the width of your tree's trunk. Cut the fabric along the lines, then unfold and cut a slit from the center opening to the outer edge.

Step 2

Cut varying lengths of 1/2- and 1/4-inch-wide felt ribbon. Affix using iron-on bonding adhesive, alternating colors and lengths in a sunburst pattern. For a more permanent hold that will last several holiday seasons, sew on the ribbons. You can also stitch or iron on precut shapes to create your own design.


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