Adele Helped Orchestrate a Surprise Proposal During Sunday's Celebrity-Studded Concert

The Grammy winner serenaded a very surprised bride-to-be (and her future husband!) with her 2008 cover of the song "Make You Feel My Love"—and actress Melissa McCarthy passed the duo a glass of Champagne.

Adele is currently promoting her new album, titled "30," but she took a moment to help mark a special moment for one couple during her two-hour CBS special that aired on Sunday evening. The singer told the crowd that she was helping Quentin Brunson, a TV and film producer, propose to his girlfriend of over seven years, vegan chef Ashleigh Mann, during her intimate concert, which was attended by Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gabrielle Union (amongst other A-listers!). To help pull off the surprise, Adele told the crowd to be extremely quiet—"If you make a noise, I'm gonna kill ya," she hushed, footage of the moment shows—before the lights went low and Brunson brought out Mann in a blindfold.

As Brunson guided his soon-to-be bride onto the stage, Mann asked, unsuspectingly, "What are we doing, Quentin?" and "Am I on grass?" before removing her eye covering. He proceeded to get down on one knee and said: "I want to thank you for being so patient with me," he said. Meanwhile, Mann was trying to understand what was happening, asking, "Is this real?" He continued: "Every day you blow my mind. There's nothing you can't do. I love you, and I will continue to love you forever." After Mann said "yes" to Brunson's proposal, Adele came back on stage to hug and serenade the newly-engaged pair with her cover of the song "Make You Feel My Love." The singer then welcomed them to sit in the front row to enjoy the rest of the show. As soon as they got to their seats, actress Melissa McCarthy gave them a glass of Champagne and wiped away tears herself after watching their engagement unfold, the Washington Post reported.

"I honestly thought that we were going to go on a hayride—I'd been talking about going to the pumpkin patch," Mann told CBS Mornings the day following the special, adding that seeing the celebrity-filled crowd made her feel like she was in a dream. "So, I just assumed we were doing something cool like that. [But then] I saw him down on one knee, and then Adele was there. Then I was like, "Am I alive? This could be a dream."

The future groom admitted that he planned out the proposal after seeing a TV company's casting call in search of a couple who loved Adele and would want to get engaged on-screen. "[This opportunity] was made for us," he told the network. He proceeded to film a one-minute-long video explaining why they should be selected, and once they were chosen, he was notified just a few days before the event that they would be on stage with Adele and in front of a slew of celebrities during the proposal—talk about pressure! "I did not know who was going to be there in the audience. So you know, when I was out there, as we were walking to the front, I was trying to not look into the audience and make any eye contact because I just knew I was so nervous," he added.

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