Want to plan a greener wedding? Ask these questions while researching venues.
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From atmosphere to end times, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the ideal wedding venue, yet a wedding's carbon footprint is often overlooked in the search. If you're hoping to change that trend and want to work with only sustainable, ethical businesses while planning your wedding, selecting a venue that's proud of its efforts to be green should be your top priority. If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding, ask these questions while researching sustainable wedding venues.

Does the venue advertise details of its energy sources?

Most venues that run on solar power or wind energy will advertise this as a selling point for couples who care deeply about keeping their wedding's carbon footprint as small as possible. Weddings require a lot of energy to power a band, catering kitchen, lighting, and more. It's a great sign if your venue can provide that energy in a way that's sustainable.

What does your venue do to reduce waste?

Waste reduction should be a top priority if you're planning a green wedding, and your venue should offer transparency around what they do to reduce waste and reuse when possible. Find out what the waste management plan is for weddings before making your final decision to book with a venue.

Does your venue grow anything that can be used at your wedding?

You always want to look for local, organic, and seasonal flowers and food to keep your carbon footprint small. In the case of selecting your venue, what's more local than growing these things on the grounds? If your venue gives you the option to grow your wedding flowers and vegetables on site, you've found someplace special.

How does your venue support and give back to the local community?

If your venue is located near an endangered area or forest, is conservation part of their program? Are they providing jobs for locals and bringing in local businesses and contractors when needed? You want to know what your venue is doing to support the local community and ecosystem, besides simply bringing visitors to the area.

If your venue is providing catering, do the caterers advertise their food sources?

Caterers that are proud of the farms, hunters, foragers, growers, and providers they work with are more likely to use ethical practices in the kitchen. Don't make any assumptions though, it's best to ask where your food is coming from and what can be done to keep your wedding menu local, seasonal, and organic.


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