And there's a specific time that most people prefer to do the bulk of their cleaning.

Getting every inch of our homes in tip-top shape can sometimes require a dedicated day of cleaning. According to a new survey by LG Electronics and conducted by OnePoll featuring 2,000 Americans, the average American cleans their home seven times each month, which includes mopping (71 percent), washing dishes (68 percent), and wiping off the tables (65 percent), and deep-cleans it five times every month, which includes washing the windows (53 percent), bathtub (50 percent), and toilet (41 percent). The results also found that there's one day and time that most people prefer to work on this refresh: Saturday morning.

Sunday evenings and Monday mornings were the least desirable times to clean the home. Plus, there were specific cleaning tasks that were more enjoyable depending on the time of day. Survey respondents preferred to vacuum (40 percent), clean the toilet (34 percent), and mop (33 percent) during daytime. The quieter cleaning duties were better for the evenings, like washing dishes (35 percent), doing a load of laundry (32 percent), and cleaning the stove and surrounding cooking area (31 percent). Some chores were are acceptable no matter the time, though. One in three of the respondents said that laundry (33 percent), vacuuming (31 percent), washing dishes (31 percent), and scrubbing down the cooking area (27 percent) were the types of tasks they'd complete any time. The focus for six in 10 Americans are their floors' cleanliness: About 60 percent of them said they would prefer to have an excessive amount of dishes or laundry to deal with than a dirty floor to walk on.

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"More Americans are valuing convenience over everything when it comes to cleaning their floors, and a good stick vacuum can make the cleaning process easier while still providing thorough cleans," said Gail Conroy, the head of marketing for home appliances at LG Electronics, in a statement. "But not all stick vacuums are created equal. Consumers want something designed with their wants and needs in mind, providing an easier, more efficient way to take care of their floors."

Out of the survey respondents, two in three people noted that they felt euphoria after finishing cleaning. And seven in 10 specifically thought the most satisfying experience came from having freshly vacuumed floors. "To improve the floorcare experience, there needs to be thought behind the process; convenience that caters to what people love most about cleaning their homes," Conroy added. "If people have the right equipment that makes cleaning less cumbersome and painful, chores simply become less of a chore."


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