The two ran into each other on a farm in Bridgehampton, New York, and our founder offered some of her best tips.

Imagine this: You've recently harvested a bounty of vegetables from your garden and you want to pickle them, but you're not sure how. Now imagine you turn around and see Martha herself standing behind you, ready to offer her best tips. That's exactly what happened to comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon this summer, he said in last night's episode of The Tonight Show. Our founder was there to discuss her upcoming show Table Wars, but the real highlight of the segment was the retelling of the encounter between Martha and Fallon at Fairview Farms in Bridgehampton, New York, over the summer. 

According to Fallon, he was in the middle of asking the farm's owner if he had any pickling advice or recipes to share when he ran into Martha. "I turn around and Martha Stewart is picking vegetables at the garden," the host explained. He said the experience was "like a dream." Our founder—who never tires of sharing her home-related tips and tricks—was more than happy to help. "You're such a good student," she told him. "You just pick it up right away." Martha went on to note that she would send Fallon a jar of her recently pickled red and yellow peppers. 

Beyond her pickling ventures, Fallon also pitched Martha a few of his own ideas in the hopes of going into business together. These included pre-made cranberry slices for Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches, which would be "almost like Kraft mac and cheese." Our founder wasn't too keen on this idea, recommending instead that the host make his own cranberry sauce and put a nice spoonful on each sandwich. Another tip? Don't forget to add some leftover stuffing, too.

Fallon's last idea for Martha was a coffee cup with an air mechanism that makes the mug continuously stir its contents. This business venture was shut down quickly when Martha explained that she doesn't like mugs. "I think mugs are sort of clumsy and ugly," she said. "I don't own a mug in my house." In the final stretch of the segment, Fallon asked our founder what she does with the mugs she gets from his show. She said, "I give them away," which was followed by an eruption of laughter from the audience and Fallon himself.


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