Three Simple Tips to Ensure a Line Never Forms at Your Wedding Restroom

It seems simple, but there's nothing worse than finding out your dance floor is empty because the hallway leading to the restroom is full.

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There are so many "must see" moments at a wedding: the ceremony, of course, but also the couple's reception entrance, the first dance, the toasts, the cake cutting—the list goes on and on. For guests, there's nothing worse than missing one of those special moments because they were stuck in line for the restroom. As the hosts of the event, there are a few thing you, the bride and groom, can do to ensure lines never form at your wedding's restrooms. Here, we explain how.

Choose a Venue with Multiple Restrooms

One of the things that you need to consider when selecting your wedding venue is the number of restrooms on hand. Even if you're planning a small celebration, more than one bathroom is essential—for larger guest counts, assume you'll need one stall for men and women per 25 guests.

If your venue doesn't have more than one bathroom option, it's worth thinking about renting portable restroom trailers. Most companies offer a variety of different sizes and styles, including luxe options that feel anything but portable.

Post Signs

Let guests know where all restroom options are available. Without proper signage, guess will line up at the option they see closest to them, which will almost always lead to a line.

Have Wait Staff in the Restroom Letting Guests Know When a Stall Is Available

One very easy way to streamline the restroom wait time? Hire an attendant who will let guests know when a stall is open and can maintain the overall cleanliness of the space. If a line begins to form, this person can also direct guests to other restroom options.

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