More than half of the respondents believe that traveling at a young age is what encouraged them to continue exploring the world as an adult.

We've all heard the phrase "there's no place like home," but to some Americans, this is far more than just a saying: A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Little Passports reveals that 14 percent of United States residents have never traveled outside of the country and 16 percent have never left their home state at all. Of the survey participants that have ventured outside their birth town, many believe expanding their horizons at a young age encouraged them to travel as adults. "Meeting children where their excitement is sparked can make a huge difference, and exposing a child to books, foods, traditions, art, and sports from other cultures is key," says Amy Norman, the CEO and co-founder of Little Passports. 

The survey, which consisted of 2,000 people, reveals how formative traveling at a young age can be. A majority (76 percent) of respondents say they enjoyed learning about the world around them when they were younger and 70 percent feel nostalgic for that time in their lives. These experiences have shaped their opinions about traveling with their own children—73 percent of survey participants believe that traveling with kids today is one of the best ways to teach them about the world, while 80 percent think it's important for children to be exposed to different cultures.

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Despite these strong opinions regarding travel, the average participant has only been to four countries in their lifetime, which might explain why 84 percent of parents hope their children will be able to explore the world more than they themselves have. 

Beyond teaching children about other areas of the globe through travel, respondents have reported that they've introduced their children and grandchildren to other cultures in other ways. Of the participants, 52 percent say they've done so through movies and television, while 51 percent have used books, and 45 percent have used toys and games. Survey respondents even say they prioritize giving gifts that help children expand their world view—78 percent believe that toys should encourage young kids to learn something new.


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