It all depends on what kind of support you think you need most.
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Planning a destination wedding is more often than not more challenging than planning a hometown wedding. While the components are still the same—ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception—there are additional nuances to consider, including time differences, language barriers, and local rules and customs. That begs the question: If you're planning a destination wedding and want to hire a wedding planner, should you work with someone who is local to you or local to the destination? There are a few different factors to consider, and the best option for you will largely depending on where you're tying the knot.

Location Is Everything

Are you getting married on a far-flung island that you may not be able to visit at all during the planning process? Is your destination in a drastically different time zone than the one you live in? Do you speak the language that's spoken in your locale? If you're never going to be able to see the property and meet with vendors in person, if communicating with your team will be difficult due to time changes, and if you can't speak or write in the language that's spoken in your locale, you'll very likely benefit from hiring a wedding planner who is local. He or she can communicate your vision to other vendors, can take meetings on your behalf, and can share photos or videos of the location, your rentals, and more. What's more, they'll also know a variety of local vendors and will understand local laws and rules that could impact your wedding.

Consider the Benefits of Being Close

Some people just communicate better in person, and if you know you'd prefer to have face-to-face meetings with your wedding planner, hiring someone who is local to you is your best bet. Just be sure to choose a planner with plenty of destination wedding experience; they'll be adept at navigating time changes and language barriers, and they'll know when to call in local reinforcements.

Talk to the Property Staff

If you're on the fence about whether you need someone local to your destination or local to you, talk to the staff at your wedding venue. Ask what past couples have done—if it seems like everyone who has been married there before has worked with someone local, there's a good chance that it would be wise for you to do the same.


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