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The 11 Best Closet Systems to Organize Your Clothes and Accessories

Whether you have a tiny closet or a spacious walk-in, you can easily organize all of your belongings with one of these smart systems.
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Some people dream of closets filled with designer clothes and shoes while other dream of simply having a closet neat enough that they can actually find their clothes and shoes. If you're in the latter camp (no judgment here!), then a closet system is the solution you need. Closet organizing systems are key to keeping your wardrobe, shoes, and accessories orderly. Whether you've got a roomy walk-in closet or a tiny corner in your studio apartment, there are a variety of different closet systems that can help you maximize whatever amount of space you have.

Of course, any organized closet gets its start with a good decluttering session. Once you successfully weed out things you don't use or wear anymore—like that broken vacuum or those old concert T-shirts from 10 years ago—you will be able to see how much you still have and what type of storage system you need.

We've done some of the leg work for you and whittled the storage search down to 11 of the best closet systems based on a variety of features and purposes. Happy organizing!

The Best Closet Organizer Systems

closet systems
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Best Custom Closet System: The Home Depot

Create a customized storage solution with a Home Depot design consultant by scheduling a free virtual or in-home appointment. Prefer to keep things digital? Opt for a virtual appointment, and you'll meet with a design consultant over video to discuss your options, talk through taking measurements, and receive a free quote. During an in-home visit, a Home Depot professional will come to your house to measure the space, review your closet options (color, hardware, accessories, and more), and provide a free quote. After your custom closet has been built, a Home Depot professional will deliver and install it for you. Prices will vary depending on the scope of your project, but the consultation is free and financing options are available.

"I did not expect such amazing customer service from such a large company and was blown out of the water," one five-star reviewer wrote. "The consultant, measurer, and installer kept me informed the entire way; arrived when they said they would; and were lovely folks from start to finish. The final product was exactly as I had envisioned it. I will recommend The Home Depot over and over to anyone who mentions a project."

If you've got a walk-in closet that looks like the sales section at Bloomingdale's, The Home Depot's custom closet system is the way to go. You can choose pieces from the Home Decorators Collection, which can turn your walk-in into something worthy of a magazine spread. This system comes already assembled for easy installation, or you can choose partially assembled custom units from the SimplyNeu collection that will also make for a swoon-worthy closet. (The Home Depot also offers more budget-friendly ClosetMaid modular systems that require full assembly at home.)

Shop Now: The Home Depot Custom Closets, price varies,

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Most Attractive Closet System: California Closets The Everyday System with Martha Stewart

California Closets has long been a premier name in home organization, so when the company teamed up with Martha Stewart for a modular closet system, an incredible design was basically guaranteed. One of the best things about this system? While some custom closets lock you into a configuration once installed, these storage pieces allow you to shift and add units as you need them over the years. Plus, the closet collection comes in such beautiful finish options—we love the Bedford Gray Woodgrain Gold—that you might not even want to keep them behind closed doors. Best of all? You can take your closet storage with you when you move, so it's well worth the investment.

"This closet is awesome! At first, I was overwhelmed with all of the boxes and was worried that I wouldn't be able to put it together by myself," a customer said. "Luckily, I was wrong! The directions were easy to follow step by step, and the result is great! I love that I can customize it and can add to it as well."

Shop Now: California Closets The Everyday System, from $821,

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Best Pre-Designed Closet: Modular Closets

If the thought of designing every square inch of your closet is too overwhelming, Modular Closets has the perfect pre-designed setups you need. That doesn't mean you'll get locked into a one-size-fits-all configuration, though. In fact, The Vista Collection offers multiple options for closets ranging in size from four feet to eight feet wide, so you can choose options, like double-hanging modules or more shelving, based on your needs. Select the size of your closet to filter the options that will work well for your space.

Many of the reviews on Trustpilot cite the ease of DIY installation, with some noting that the hardest part was finding studs in the walls. One five-star review said: "I LOVE my closet organizers from Modular Closets. The product quality is top notch, the company offers great customer service, and [there are] plenty of sizing options so you can make the most of all the space you have."

Shop Now: Modular Closets Pre-Designed Closets, from $294.99,

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Best DIY-Friendly Closet System: EasyClosets

Part of what makes EasyClosets so easy is that the company offers plenty of ways to customize its closet system, including hardware, drawer style, and color. If you love to tackle a project on your own, you'll have a blast using the online design tool, which calculates your estimate instantly as you add or subtract units from your system. If you need help or would rather hand off the design process to an expert, EasyClosets designers will assist you for free. When you're happy with your setup, the company will ship the ready-to-be-installed components to your home. EasyClosets offers plenty of videos and images to walk you through the installation process.

"I have a traditional small closet in our master bedroom—not a walk-in and not a reach-in," one shopper wrote. "There seem[ed] to be so much wasted space; I knew it could be organized better. I had some ideas and after a Google search I found EasyClosets, [which] let my vision come to life. It fits perfectly in our closet!"

Shop Now: EasyClosets Custom Closets, from $350,

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Best Closet System for Kids: Little Seeds Grow With Me Adjustable Closet Organizer

Kids are always growing out of their clothes, so it makes perfect sense that they'll eventually grow out of their closet, too. The Little Seeds Grow With Me closet system can grow along with them—all you have to do is make some tweaks as your tykes get taller.

This genius closet system, which is made from laminated particle board in a white or gray finish, features clothing rods that can be adjusted in height as your kiddo grows taller. One of the shelves is also adjustable in height, and the drawer has safety stops built in. The four open cubbies at the bottom are ideal for storing shoes, toys, or other accessories—you can add fabric storage bins if you'd like. A wall anchor kit keeps the organizer secure, plus the whole system complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act testing requirements for juvenile products.

You can shop the Grow with Me system at a variety of online retailers, including Amazon, where you can get no-interest financing on your purchase. The system has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the site.

"Great, well thought out, and affordable closet organizer," one reviewer said. "This is good quality, while still being budget friendly."

Shop Now: Little Seeds Grow with Me Adjustable Closet Organizer, from $205.84,

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Best Reach-in Closet System: ClosetMaid Suite Symphony Closet Organizer

A reach-in closet might not be as sexy as a walk-in, but when you optimize the space, it can be a game-changer. The ClosetMaid Suite Symphony system is a quick and easy way to organize your clothes and accessories. The system, which comes in white or natural gray, features a shelf tower, three rods, and three shelves. The rods expand from 30 to 48 inches, and these and the shelves can be cut for smaller closets. As is, the system is adjustable to fit closets that are six to nine feet in width, offering a total shelf space of 75 inches and hanging space of 144 inches. For a higher-end, custom look, you can purchase matching drawers and doors separately.

"Literally one of my favorite purchases," one five-star reviewer said. "For the money, I don't think anyone can do better today. The overall look and finish of this product is amazing. The assembly is very easy because once the main parts are connected, the final install is with pieces that are designed to have a margin for error. This means your walls don't have to be 'perfect' in order to make this closet system work for your space. Buy with confidence."

Another pleased customer recommended this system for homes that are tight on storage: "Our closet spaces are small, and I would recommend this unit to help organize and make the most of your space. The price was reasonable, and the unit really helps organize your things while being totally adjustable."

Shop Now: ClosetMaid Suite Symphony Closet Organizer, from $211.35,

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Best Closet System for Shoes: ClosetMaid Stackable 5-Shelf Organizer

Your shoes deserve more than to be thrown haphazardly into the bottom of your closet. Give them their own space with this ClosetMaid stackable shoe rack. With five shelves that comfortably hold 10 pairs of shoes, this organizer provides plenty of room for all of your everyday footwear. You can even stack these units one on top of the other to create your own wall of shoes in a closet. Another option is to keep a single unit in a mudroom or entryway, as the top of it can also be used to store keys, small bags, and other items.

"This is a solid shoe rack that holds three pairs of shoes on one shelf," one shopper said. "It has made a world of difference for my closet, which now looks way more organized. I was able to fit all my shoes on the three shoe organizers and still have a few shelves left on one of them. I also stack the taller shoes and booties on the top. Assembly is very easy." 

Shop Now: ClosetMaid Stackable Five-Shelf Organizer, $64.50 (was $85.19),

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Best Freestanding Closet System: Amazon Basics Metal Expandable Organizer

Maybe the idea of installing a shelving system in your closet is intimidating or overwhelming, or perhaps you want to set up storage outside of a closet entirely. This metal expandable organizer is a sturdy, freestanding option that is also easy to put together—plus, you can attach it to a wall for safety. This organizer has two adjustable-width rods that can be moved up or down, along with five adjustable shelves on either side, which can also be raised or lowered. Though the entire unit weighs just 40 pounds, each shelf holds up to 100 pounds.

"My closet had an avalanche when the original shelf ripped out of the wall. I got this set of shelves to replace it," one five-star reviewer wrote. "Not only did all my hanging clothes get back up on a rack, but now I have shelves to organize my purses and shoes and random stuff. It looks much better organized than before, and I'm not worried about these shelves falling down."

Shop Now: Amazon Basics Expandable Organizer, from $79.99,

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Best Adjustable Closet System: Rubbermaid FastTrack Wire Closet Kit

The main issue with some closet systems is that once they're in, they're in for good. As your needs change, it helps to have a system that can change along with you. Enter Rubbermaid's FastTrack closet systems, which offer several customizable solutions. The clothing rods can overlap and are telescoping, so no cutting is necessary to make things fit. There is a wire shelf kit option that comes with standard shelving that can be cut to fit smaller spaces as needed. Rubbermaid also offers specialized storage options that can be added and are good for tucking away shoes or bags. You can buy Rubbermaid closet solutions online at Amazon, Lowe's, or Home Depot.

"This product was great," one customer said. "It made my bedroom closet with a deep corner way more accessible. I was able to adjust it to my needs very easily and the results were great."

Shop Now: Rubbermaid FastTrack Wire Closet Kit, $179,

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Best Narrow Closet System: Dotted Line 15-Inch Closet System

While you can't transform a tiny closet into a walk-in, a good closet system can certainly make the space you do have feel a lot roomier. This four-shelf organizer closet system is made from manufactured wood and comes in four color options: white, honey blonde, truffle, and weathered gray. After assembling, you can attach the unit can to a wall using a steel rail. This 15-inch system is perfect for organizing a linen closet, but there's also a 25-inch unit with drawers and a 12–25-inch system with rods and shelves that can tame a small bedroom closet, too.

One five-star reviewer raved: "Love this closet organizer! Perfect size to convert a small coat closet into a utility closet." Another satisfied customer mentioned that they did not attach theirs to the wall but instead left it freestanding—and it works just fine.

Shop Now: Dotted Line 15-Inch Closet System, $174.99,

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Best Coat Closet System: EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Shelf and Rod

When you want a no-frills, easy-peasy, just-give-me-a-spot-to-put-my-stuff closet system, this expandable shelf and rod system is perfect. While it can transform an entryway or coat closet quickly, you can also install these shelves in your garage, laundry room, or any other place that you need to restore order.

Available in white and silver, the system is made from sturdy steel tubes that can expand and contract to meet your needs, so there's no cutting necessary to fit the space. The easy-to-install shelf comes with all the hardware you need, plus it's backed by a lifetime warranty.

"I had a closet that was bare. No shelves, hanging bar, etc.," one five-star reviewer wrote. "Not wanting to get just a bar or install a complete closet system, I searched the internet for something in between. This hit the nail on the head! A shelf and a hanging bar in an easy-to-install, sturdy, good-looking package."

A number of customers also stated that when they needed to call for help with their installation, the company owner picked up the phone. Now that's service!

Shop Now: EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Shelf and Rod, from $79.95,