Turn Your Backyard Into a Park for Your Kids with These Play Houses, Jungle Gyms, and Swing Sets

Let the make-believe commence.

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KidKraft Jungle Journey Swing Se
Photo: Courtesy of Kid Kraft

Backyard activities for your littles ones don't have to be limited to jump rope or ball games. Today's play sets stimulate a child's developing mind—and look good, too (many of these cheerful, aesthetically-pleasing setups won't stick out like a sore thumb). From cedar swing sets with built-in telescopes (perfect for adventure time!) to slides and play kitchens (for the aspiring Martha in your life, perhaps?), your kids will never run out of games to play at home when equipped with one of these beautifully-designed structures. Ahead, find some of the most fun, elevated outdoor options that parents and children alike will love.

Top Picks


ALPIKA Swing Set for Backyard Garden
Courtesy of Amazon

Neon green and orange colors set these swings apart from other play sets, and will bring plenty of cheer to your backyard; the adjustable ropes allow your child to continue enjoying them as they grow. More importantly, a durable, weather-resistant frame and non-slip seats will keep them safe. And when they want a break from pumping and gliding? Little ones can switch to the included seesaw.

Shop Now: ALPIKA Swing Set for Backyard Garden, $142.99, amazon.com.

Isabelle and Max

Isabelle & Max Jeanlouis Swing Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

You'll get lots of use out of this adorable orange-and-blue swing set; it has a steel frame and plastic seats, making it durable and weather-resistant. With two single seats and one tandem that can hold two kids at the same time, there is endless fun to be had.

Shop Now: Isabelle & Max Jeanlouis Swing Set, $124.99, wayfair.com.


xKidKraft Forestview II Wooden Playhouse
Courtesy of Walmart

This gorgeous play house—constructed with 100-percent cedar lumber—is an exciting space for any child to explore and, not to mention, a beautiful addition to your yard. Complete with a doorbell, clock, chalkboard walls, and a mock kitchen, there's no shortage of fun details to spark a kid's imagination.

Shop Now: KidKraft Forestview II Wooden Playhouse, $299, walmart.com.

Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Swing Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

A miniature castle for your backyard, this structure offers children ample opportunities for make-believe. Features include a sandbox, swings, rooftop, monkey bars, climbing wall, slide, and picnic table—and we could keep going. Additionally, the sturdy roof means your child will be safe from rain and other weather while outdoors.

Shop Now: Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Swing Set, $2,299, wayfair.com.


2MAMABEES Oceana Playhouse
Courtesy of The Tot

Have you ever wanted to model your real home after a play iteration? This enchanting miniature black-and-white farm house, built with cedar wood, comes with a potted garden and mini kitchen with faux food and utensils—it's so sweet, it just might inspire your next renovation.

Shop Now: 2MAMABEES Oceana Playhouse, $1,850, thetot.com.


WoodenWorkshopUA Climbing Triangle Activity Center
Courtesy of Etsy

Your child will never get bored with this wooden jungle gym. They can climb on three differently-sized triangles and one ladder, slide down ramps, and stand on a balance board.

Shop Now: WoodenWorkshopUA Climbing Triangle Activity Center, $700, etsy.com.

Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery "Durango" Wooden Swing Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

Simply looking for a standalone swing set to add onto your existing backyard play area? This heavy-duty two-seater piece, with steel corner supports and a supportive swing beam, is your best, safest option.

Shop Now: Backyard Discovery "Durango" Wooden Swing Set, $380.91, wayfair.com.


Kid Kraft Forestview II Wooden Playhouse
Courtesy of Kid Kraft

Who's the keeper of the fortress? This comprehensive jungle gym, with a rock wall, swings, crawl space, and slide, allows for virtually any pretend scenario.

Shop Now: KidKraft Jungle Journey Swing Set, $1,299, kidkraft.com.

Klo Kick

Klo Kick Climbing Dome Swing Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

This unique steel set's climbing frame supports up to six kids—between the ages of three and 10—so everyone can experience it at once. The canopy functions as a gentle swing.

Shop Now: Klo Kick Climbing Dome Swing Set, $259.99, wayfair.com.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Cottontail Hideaway
Courtesy of Wayfair

Your entire brood can scale this hideaway's sloped walls—and the clubhouse deck is the perfect spot for nighttime star-gazing.

Shop Now: Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Cottontail Hideaway, $1,199.99, wayfair.com.

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