These Are the Most Popular Pumpkin Foods in Every State, According to Instagram

Pumpkin spice lattes have some competition.

As we near the end of October, you're probably eager to do all sorts of seasonal activities with pumpkins, including everything from carving and decorating them to baking the fruit's rich flavors in a tasty pie. No matter where in the country you live, chances are you have pumpkin on the brain. At least that's the thought behind Instagram's latest data report. The social media platform released a map showing the most popular pumpkin foods in each U.S. state in honor of National Pumpkin Day, which falls on October 26.

whole sugar pumpkins on wood surface
Yunhee Kim

The data is based on the mentions of the word"pumpkin" over the last month from Instagram's feed posts and story posts. The social network, which has roughly one billion users, used that data to determine which states favor which pumpkin recipes, and the results are shocking. Fall's most beloved item—the pumpkin spice latte—was the least popular choice, with only four states preferring it, including New York, California, Texas and South Carolina.

Alas, the humble but timeless pumpkin bread beat out PSLs and came in as the leading recipe in 14 states, including Washington, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Vermont, District of Columbia, Alaska, and North Dakota.

chart of most popular pumpkin foods by state
Courtesy of Instagram

It seems as though there's a baking trend among Instagram users. The social media platform reports that pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pie all tied for second place with 11 states each.

According to the data, pumpkin pancakes are most beloved in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Delaware. Pumpkin cookies were favored in Ohio, Arizona, Indiana, Utah, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Hawaii, Maine, Idaho, and Wyoming. Pumpkin pie is most popular among residents in North Carolina, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, West Virginia, Mississippi, and South Dakota.

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