You will love this drop of digital collectibles, which pay homage to our founder's best costumes.
martha stewart nfts
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha is forever expanding her business ventures, with everything from CBD products to a new frozen food line. As for her latest endeavor? She most recently launched her first Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This includes a collection of digital collectibles on her just-debuted site, FRESH Mint. To bring this project to life, our founder partnered with a wide variety of acclaimed designers, photographers, artists, and creators in the world of cryptocurrency.

To speak to the season, our founder released a Halloween-inspired series of NFTs that you can officially collect, and thanks to a pumpkin iteration, your carving creations can last far beyond October 31. You can either own one of the pieces or bid for the chance to create your own. "The fleeting beauty of the world renowned Maniac Pumpkin Carvers will now be preserved forever," the site describes. "Bid on these 1 of 1 carving NFTs, featuring Martha's favorite Halloween costumes. If you think your face belongs on the side of a pumpkin, and tokenized for eternity, bid on the Custom Carve Pumpkin."

One featured piece is the "Shriek or Chic Carving": "This design originated as a spooky fashion muse for three lucky competitors in a special 'Shriek or Chic: Martha's Haute Halloween Challenge,'" the site describes. "Here, Martha emerges from behind her cloak to shock the little ones as they appear at her doorstop. Piercing eyes and a streak of dye through her stark wig add drama and contrast to her intense gaze." The NFTs in this drop come with the image of the one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving, a high resolution .jpg file of the final product, and—best of all—a signed note from Martha (if you win the auction, that is).

The most exciting element of these NFTs, however, is that they digitally recreate Martha's unforgettable Halloween costumes from years' past; you'll be able to see them "reimagined as NFTs and ready for your collection, display, and wall." Some of the notable featured costumes include Black Widow, Poptastic Roy Lichtenstein, and Ghostly Equestrienne. Each piece includes an NFT animation of the original Martha costume portrait, digital files of the portrait and the animation, a physical print of the portrait signed by Martha, and an autograph, courtesy of our founder. To find out more, and to get a chance to score your own NFT from Martha's Halloween collaboration, visit


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