Velvet Pomegranates

This Thanksgiving-appropriate fruit makes the ultimate party-favor-meets-place-setter in faux form.

autumnal place setting
Photo: Johnny Miller

With their jewel-tone color and sparkly seeds, pomegranates are cross-cultural symbols of abundance, good fortune, and love. On Thanksgiving Day, welcome your crew with a plush version that doubles as place setter and party favor. Made of pumpkin-and rose-colored velvet that's lined with brown linen and stuffed with fiber fill, the faux fruits lend texture to a table set with a spray of foliage, bowls of gold-painted nuts, and contrasting mustard-colored napkins. Searching for even more festive tablescape décor ideas? Consider our robust list of Thanksgiving place settings to inspire your own.

Created by Tanya Graff and Silke Stoddard


  1. Cut five- or six-inch circles (depending on which size you want to make) of velvet and brown linen, placing wrong sides together. Leave a three-inch tail of embroidery thread to start, then do a running stitch spanning circle, 1/2 inch away from edge. Hold onto both ends of thread to pull and gather fabric so top edge forms a crown and bottom forms a bowl shape. Stuff empty bowl with fill, and cover with a small linen circle. Pull threads again, pushing circle inside, and double-knot to close. Add a few back-stitches, just in case!

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