Adorn festive, honey-hued tapers with these reflective accents to up the cozy factor on Thanksgiving.
candles with autumn leaf adornments
Johnny Miller

Ignite some ambience with these leafy, light-reflecting collars, which we fashioned from copper sheets: Cut out the leaves, twist the stems onto wire, and wrap them delicately around tapers. Below, discover the full how-to—and consider trying your hand at a few other Thanksgiving crafts, from fringed napkin skirts to nut shell salt cellars.

Created by Tanya Graff and Silke Stoddard


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Lay template on copper sheet, and trace outline of leaves with stylus, fitting as many small and medium-size leaves as possible. Holding shears steady, move copper around to cut out shapes. Make sure to keep stems long.

Step 2

Unfurl a piece of copper wire long enough to fit all the leaves, and place first stem at the beginning. Fold wire back 1⁄4 inch to fasten, then tightly wrap metal around wire. Slightly overlap next leaf, and continue, alternating sizes, until all leaves are attached. Cut wire and drape garland around candle base.


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