Dress up a grapevine wreath, taper candles, place settings, and more with accents that speak to the season.
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autumnal wreath on wooden door
Credit: Johnny Miller

To get your home in the Thanksgiving spirit, go for fall's halo effect. We took a cue from the season's naturally gorgeous color scheme, conjuring its gleaming coppers and golds, radiant reds, and earthy oranges to create striking (and strikingly simple) décor ideas that lend light and warmth to any setting. For example, transform a plain grapevine wreath into a special-occasion stunner with a few chic additions, including dried bunny tails, sora pods (we painted the insides gold), and autumn "flowers" sewn out of earthy-toned velvet—here's the how-to. And since these supplies (and those from the rest of our autumnal projects, below) are made out of long-lasting materials—from dried leaves and pods to rich velvets—you can display them year after year.

Shop Now: Bloom Room Grapevine Wreath 18" (similar to shown), $7, joann.com; Afloral Orange Dried Bunny Tails, $18 for 50-60, afloral.com; Bloomist Natural Sora Pods, $28 for 8, bloomist.com; Plaid Liquid Leaf One-Step Leafing Paint in Classic Gold, $8, amazon.com; B&J Fabrics Silk-Rayon Velvet in Pumpkin, $43 a yard, bandfabrics.com; B&J Fabrics Silk-Rayon Velvet in Kiwi Black, $63 a yard, bandjfabrics.com.

candles with autumn leaf adornments
Credit: Johnny Miller

Fall Flickers

Ignite some ambience with these leafy, light-reflecting collars, which we fashioned from copper sheets: Cut out the leaves, twist the stems onto wire, and wrap them delicately around tapers.

Shop Now: St. Louis Crafts Art Metal Foil Sheets in 36 Gauge, $17 for 12, dickblick.com; Blick Copper Wire in 24 gauge, $4 for 100 feet, dickblick.com.

autumn dining table
autumnal place setting
Left: Credit: Johnny Miller
Right: Credit: Johnny Miller

Fruitful Ideas

With their jewel-tone color and sparkly seeds, pomegranates are cross-cultural symbols of abundance, good fortune, and love. Welcome your crew with a plush version that doubles as place setter and party favor. Made of pumpkin-and rose-colored velvet that's lined with brown linen and stuffed with fiber fill, the faux fruits lend texture to a table set with a spray of foliage, bowls of gold-painted nuts, and contrasting mustard-colored napkins.

Shop Now: B&J Fabrics Silk-Rayon Velvet in Pumpkin and Dark Rose, $43 a yard, bandjfabrics.com; HG Linen Napkins in Goldenrod, $22 each, hudsongracesf.com; Hudson Grace Vintage Oro Flatware, $175 for a five-piece setting, hudsongracesf.com; Fique and Clay Place Mats in Clay, $24 each, fiqueandclay.com; Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly Dinner Plates, $65 each, mottahedeh.com; Umber Bloom Salad Plates, $164 each, thearkelements.com; Serra Pure Goblets in Violet, $39 each, thearkelements.com; Aldo Cibic Tete-a-Tete Brass Candle Holders, $20 each, marchsf.com; Serena & Lily Tapered Candles 13" in Honey, $58 for six, serenaandlily.com; Terrain Preserved Beech Leaves (in vintage vase) in Gold, $38, shopterrain.com.

harvest cornucopia on wooden table
Credit: Johnny Miller

Harvest Boon

The horn of plenty has represented bounty since Ancient Greece, when, as legend has it, the baby Zeus accidentally broke the horn off his goat babysitter, and it became a cornucopia spouting a never-ending feast. Your guests have other dinner plans, but they'll still appreciate the classic as a centerpiece or sideboard décor—especially after this plush touch. Line the inside with velvet, then secure the fabric with a few stitches and fill the opening with gold-painted nuts and pomegranates (velvet and dried) spilling from the rim.

Shop Now: E-Grapevine Store Grapevine Cornucopia 18", $27, egrapevinestore.com; B&J Fabrics Silk-Rayon Velvet in Kiwi Black, $63 a yard, bandjfabrics.com; Rancho Tres Rios Organic Dried Pomegranates, $27 for 25, ranchotresrios.etsy.com; Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Vintage-Inspired Lens Cordial Glasses, $167 for six, mgbwhome.com; Fredericks and Mae Double-Armed Brass Candle Holder, $60, and Beeswax Candles 6", $15 for two, fredericksandmae.com.

orange dried leaves in vase on wooden table
Credit: Johnny Miller

Eternal Flame

A burst of shimmering dried branches is simpler and more seasonal than flowers, and it'll never wilt or need water. Just arrange preserved beech leaves in a big vase (days in advance), and let their burnished tones light up your dining table or sideboard for as long as you like.

Shop Now: Preserved Beech Leaves in Gold and Orange, $38, shopterrain.com; Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly Demitasse Cups and Saucers, $55 for each set, mottahedeh.com; Vintage vase and pie stand.

Created by Tanya Graff and Silke Stoddard


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