Airbnb Reveals That Cozy Cabins Are This Holiday Season's Top Travel Trend

Where will you whisk away to?

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Last year's holiday season was marked largely by connecting with small groups of loved ones, which meant there wasn't much opportunity for travel or bigger gatherings. This winter, travelers are ready to reconnect with family and friends, and new travel trends released by Airbnb show that people are eager to make this holiday season an extra-special one. As we move swiftly through October, the digital marketplace reveals notable travel patterns are picking up for the holiday season, with signs of an increase of stays in mid-sized cities and college football towns.

The lodging trend you'll likely see pop-up a lot in the next few months is stays at cozy cabins. According to Airbnb, cabins are the site's top unique listing for the holidays. Whether it's a picturesque A-frame or a modern abode with a dreamy, seasonal feel, it's clear that travelers are looking for an intimate setting for their holiday get togethers. Some of the most wish listed cabins include a moody, black A-frame cabin deep in the Catskills of New York State, a dreamy elevated cabin overlooking Shenandoah National Park in Mauertown, Virginia, a midcentury A-frame in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and a 1960's A-frame situated next to a relaxing river in Packwood, Washington.

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Beyond cabins, Airbnb revealed that travelers are also eager to return to their college towns this Thanksgiving, where they'll root for their alma matter and visit friends. Trends show that people are traveling to mid-sized cities and towns with popular college football programs, including Ann Arbor, Michigan, Eugene, Oregon, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Auburn, Alabama. If you want to cheer on the Michigan Wolverines, consider staying in this luxurious locale situated in Ann Arbor's Old West Side. Planning a trip South to root for the Auburn Tigers? Consider this mid-century mod in downtown Auburn.

Towns with spectacular holiday festivals and light shows are also popular destinations among travelers. Orange County, California, New York City, and Arlington, Virginia, as well as warmer spots like Oahu, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, Arizona, are top travel destinations among those traveling for Christmas, according to Airbnb. If you want the chance of snow, consider staying in this idyllic 125-year-old townhouse located on the High-Line in Manhattan, New York. Prefer somewhere warmer? This urban oasis in Phoenix, Arizona has its own resort style pool.

If you spent the majority of last year cooped up in your home or apartment, perhaps you're dreaming of far-off ventures—and you wouldn't be the only one. Airbnb's travel trends also show that people in the United States are searching for stays in traditional Italian dammusos, Grecian cycladic homes, quaint English shepherd's huts, and even igloos. If you can't stop thinking of European respite, consider booking a stay in this wonderful dammuso in Campobello, Italy. With a sea view, sun terrace, outdoor kitchen, and swimming pool, it's the perfect place to retreat to during the bitter month of Winter. Or consider this unique shepherd's hut in Wales, United Kingdom for an off-the-grid holiday celebration.

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