This is the ultimate Thanksgiving day craft for kids.
child wearing craft crown
Nico Schinco

Who reigns over the kids' table at Thanksgiving dinner? Mini royals who craft their crowns out of ribbons and stemmed foliage—with a little help from their grown-up subjects. You won't need to stock their station with much; on-palette grosgrain ribbon and the dried foliage of your choosing (we used wheat bunches and Sudan grass) come together with a bit of hot glue and Velcro. In fact, there's no need to buy your live material—send the troops outside to collect supplies from the backyard. Looking for even more kids crafts to complete on Thanksgiving day? Attempt one of these additional projects that children can complete while sitting at the table.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Parents or older siblings should precut one-inch-wide grosgrain ribbons in several pairs of varying lengths, so kids can find a set to wrap around their head with about 2 inches to spare.

Step 2

Kids can stretch out one ribbon and place dried, stemmed greenery along it until they like the look.

Step 3

Grown-up hands should hot-glue each stem to the ribbon, then hot-glue the second ribbon directly on top of the first. (Craft glue works, but takes longer to dry; hot glue is cool and done in time for kids to wear their crown to dinner.)

Step 4

Stick adhesive Velcro on each ribbon end, and place the crown on the child's head.


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