Add an organic touch to your Thanksgiving tablescape with these clay pots, which can house everything from centerpieces to votive candles.
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terracotta pot centerpieces
Nico Schinco

To deck out your table for Turkey Day, add botanical accents to plain terra-cotta pots, and they'll blossom into an elegant, one-of-a-kind display. To make your own, all you will need are silicone baking molds (designed to make fondant details on cakes), white air-dry clay ($7.99,, and craft adhesive—plus a few planters ($28.99 for three,, of course! Looking for more elevated Thanksgiving crafts? Give our Handmade Cornucopia or Embroidered Leaf Place Cards a try.

Styling by Naomi Demañana


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Gather terra-cotta pots with simple, clean lines—smaller ones to hold votives, and larger vessels for flower arrangements.

Step 2

Press air-dry clay into the silicone molds, scraping off any excess with a plastic knife so the clay is flush with each mold.

Step 3

After a couple of minutes, while the clay is still wet, gently flex the mold and pull out the accent—use a toothpick to help wiggle out any stubborn edges. With the vase on its side, attach the embellishment with craft glue, curving it to the surface. Let harden completely overnight. If using the pot to hold flowers, line it with a vase or plastic bag to prevent leaks.


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