According to Suzie de Rohan Willner—the CEO of Toast—Style Doesn't Work Without Substance

Here, the stylish CEO shares a few of her everyday essentials.

Suzie de Rohan Willner
Photo: Courtesy of Toast

There's a chic practicality and earthiness to everything from Toast, the British fashion and home-goods brand. You can imagine the woman who shops there baking something in an indigo workwear dress, catching an art show in a colorful kantha coat, or reading the latest Booker Prize winner under a cozy throw. Or you can meet the real deal: Suzie de Rohan Willner, who became CEO six years ago after roles at fashion biggies like Timberland and Levi Strauss.

Suzie's Top Picks

"Your clothes speak to who you are," says the new grandmother, who unwinds by practicing yoga, grows her own vegetables, and drives an electric car. "We dress three generations of women, and we're passionate about craftsmanship and provenance." An eco ethos matters, too. The company uses 85 percent natural fibers in its clothing and offers online darning and mending tutorials to make them last; its New Maker program supports artisans on the rise. "There's an agelessness about Toast," says de Rohan Willner, who revels in feeling the textures of each fabric the team weaves for a collection. "I love architectural silhouettes and staples that are easy and comfortable—and a functional pocket is a must." Here, she shares a few of her favorite things, from her go-to Toast blouse to the lip balm that ties it all together.

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Striped Blouse

Toast Yana striped Blouse
Courtesy of Toast

"This is one of my staples because of its beautiful simplicity. I go for an androgynous look that I can dial up or down, as well as muted earth tones like burn oranges, greens, and blues."

Shop Now: Toast "Yana" Blouse, $200,

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Skin Supplements

Simone Thomas Wellness SkinQuencher
Courtesy of Simone Thomas Wellness

"A game changer. My skin now looks like it glows."

Shop Now: Simone Thomas Wellness SkinQuencher, $50 for 60 capsules,

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Eye Cream

Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line T
Courtesy of Susanne Kaufmann

"I apply this morning and night. I love the texture, and the fragrance is gorgeous."

Shop Now: Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line T, $77,

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Reading Chair

Maker&Son Song Armchair in Malachite
Courtesy of Maker&Son

"My favorite reading chair—and my dog, Boots, likes it, too!"

Shop Now: Maker&Son Song Armchair in Malachite, $4,795,

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Lip Balm

Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm in Nana
Courtesy of Westman Atelier

"When I wear makeup, I usually keep it simple with lip balm."

Shop Now: Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm in Nana, $38,

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Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball Paint paint swatches
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

"I adore the finishes and the breadth of the color range."

Shop Now: Farrow & Ball Paint, price dependent upon color and quantity,

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Green Tea

Té Company Canyon Green Tea

"I drink a cup for its calming effects."

Shop Now: Té Company Canyon Green Tea, $24,

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Modern Jane Austen

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
Courtesy of Amazon

"The author has a Jane Austen-like perception of people, and writes in-depth descriptions of the minutiae of life."

Shop Now: Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger, $17,

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Go-To Perfume

Aēsop Marrakech Intense Eau de Parfum
Courtesy of Aēsop

"It's quite spicy, woody, and floral. I use it year-round."

Shop Now: Aēsop Marrakech Intense Eau de Parfum, $137,

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Comfy Birkenstocks

Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Sandals
Courtesy of Birkenstock

"Your feet feel as if they're being caressed. I wear them all winter."

Shop Now: Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Sandals, $150,

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Wool Blanket

Toast Canadian Wool Blanket in Blue Heather
Courtesy of Toast

"I pair cool linen sheets with a weighty, textured wool throw on my bed. I love that this one looks like workwear."

Shop Now: Toast Canadian Wool Blanket in Blue Heather, $235,

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Cushion Cover

Toast Velvet Square Cushion Cover in Celery
Courtesy of Toast

"I have these all around my house. I put different colors together, and they just make a room sing."

Shop Now: Toast Velvet Square Cushion Cover in Celery, $70,

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Fine & Raw Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate Signature Collection
Courtesy of Fine & Raw

"One square a day is a little delight."

Shop Now: Fine & Raw Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate Signature Collection, $8.50,

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Book Shop

books are magic book store
Courtesy of Books Are Magic

"We have a Toast book club, and like to support local independent stores. I try to stop [into Books Are Magic] when I'm visiting New York City."

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Low-Impact Car

BMW i3 car
Courtesy of BMW

"My husband and I are committed to adopting new technology with a low impact on the planet."

Shop Now: BMW i3,

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Hand Cream

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream
Courtesy of Weleda

"I won't use a product unless I really believe in it. Once I do, I won't let go. I've used this on my hands for years."

Shop Now: Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream, $19,

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