applying Frank Body Coffee Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Frank Body

13 Lip Scrubs You Can Shop Right Now

These scrubs will leave your mouth feeling smooth and hydrated. 
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When it comes to a proper skin care routine, we all know that exfoliation is essential, but there's one area most of us are overlooking, and that's our lips. You likely moisturize them frequently, thanks to balms and glosses, but a quality lip scrub is an often-forgotten, but key part of your regimen. The reason? Dead skin cells accumulate on our lips, just like they do the rest of our face. Exfoliation is a must, because it sloughs away those flakes and helps product absorb, allowing for maximum hydration.

Top Picks

Before we dive into some of our favorite lip scrubs on the market, first, memorize these application tips from Keri Blair, Senior National Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics: "First, scoop out a small amount of product and gently rub it over your lips in a circular motion," explains Blair. "If your lips are extremely dry, apply a thin coat of lip salve first and then apply the scrub. Depending on how dry and flakey your lips are, you can use your finger, a terry cloth towel, a soft toothbrush or a disposable mascara wand to rub it in. Then use a makeup wipe to gently remove it, blot dry with a tissue, and rehydrate lips with a balm." And now, for the main event—ahead, the best lip scrubs you can shop right now.

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Sara Happ

This lip scrub from Sarah Happ has a cult following: It's so delicious, you can lick away any remaining sugar crystals after you wipe it off. Best of all, there are a number of flavors to choose from, including everything from brown sugar and peach to vanilla and grapefruit.

Shop Now: Sara Happ The Lip Scrub, $20,

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious
Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

If you prefer a lip scrub with a fine grain instead of chunky crystals, this one from MAC is your best bet. Its texture makes it easier to wipe away sans residue. It comes in multiple scents, but we're partial to sweet vanilla, which is also their bestseller.

Shop Now: MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious, $18,

Bite Beauty Agave+ Weekly Vegan Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

Bite Beauty

This clean, vegan lip scrub is made from agave nectar, organic golden sugar, and papaya enzymes. And it has a three-in-one formula that cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes your lips.

Shop Now: Bite Beauty Agave+ Weekly Vegan Lip Scrub, $24,

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom


Soothe dull, dry lips with this polish from Fresh made from brown sugar crystals, shea butter, and jojoba oil. If you like to wear saturated lip colors, like bold reds and berries, this scrub is a great prep step.

Shop Now: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator, $18,

Frank Body Coffee Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Frank Body

Frank Body

If you need your daily coffee fix, you'll appreciate this lip scrub, composed of actual coffee grinds for exfoliation and macadamia oil and beeswax for hydration.

Shop Now: Frank Body Coffee Lip Scrub, $15,

Milk Makeup Kush Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

Milk Makeup

If you prefer a tube applicator as opposed to a pot, try this option, which is infused with sage extract and peppermint oil for a subtle scent. 

Shop Now: Milk Makeup Kush Lip Scrub, $22,

Elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Elf Cosmetics

It's hard to find anything under five bucks these days, but this lip exfoliator from Elf certainly does; it's the most affordable pick on our list and comes in three flavors (brown sugar, cherry, and mint).

Shop Now: Elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator, $4,

French Girl Rose Lip Polish
Credit: Courtesy of Bloomingdales

French Girl

If you love rose-scented beauty products, you need this organic lip polish from French Girl, a brand beloved by francophiles. The rose geranium and mint oils give your lips a subtle plumped effect. 

Shop Now: French Girl Rose Lip Polish, $20,

Ilia Lip Exfoliator
Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore


This exfoliator comes in stick form and is made from very fine pumice stone powder; it gently dissolves flaky skin to reveal smooth, kissable lips.

Shop Now: Ilia Lip Exfoliator, $26,

Olio E Osso Coffee Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Credo Beauty

Olio E Osso

Here's another scrub for coffee lovers. It's made from locally roasted coffee beans for an exfoliating effect that leaves your lips tingly clean—and it comes in a slim, compact container perfect for travel.

Shop Now: Olio E Osso Coffee Lip Scrub, $20,

CosRX Honey Sugar Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta


If you want the sweetest lips possible, try a product with sugar and honey. The sugar in this scrub buffs away dead skin, and the honey leaves your mouth velvety smooth.

Shop Now: CosRX Honey Sugar Lip Scrub, $19,

iS Clinical Skincare Lip Polish
Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore

iS Clinical Skincare

This scrub is on the pricier side, but its antioxidants and shea butter formula is ideal for heavy duty jobs when your dry lips need extra attention.

Shop Now: iS Clinical Skincare Lip Polish, $38,

Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Polishing Lip Scrub
Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore


If you prefer a natural, not-so-saccharine scent, try this earthy cherry formula from Naturopathica (the fruit's seeds aid with exfoliation while its puréed pulp provides flavor).

Shop Now: Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Polishing Lip Scrub, $20,