Help make the day fun and memorable—in a good way.

As a member of the bridal party, it's important to keep in mind that you're representing the couple throughout the entirety of their wedding celebrations. That means you really want to be on your A-game, setting a good impression for those guests who haven't met you yet. In short, steer clear of all the "don'ts" listed below, and strive to be a "do" type instead.

Don't: Be late or unorganized.

Instead, arrive when you're asked to, looking and feeling fresh. If you're getting ready at the venue, you should have your attire with you, pressed and ready, and all of your accessories. If the couple has asked you to arrive dressed, it's important to show up ready to go—that means already wearing your dress or suit and with all of your accessories (yes, even your tie!) on.

Don't: Ignore the person coordinating your ceremony entrance.

Whether it's the wedding planner, venue coordinator, or a helpful friend of the family, it's essential that you pay attention to the directions you're given ahead of the ceremony. Something may have changed since the ceremony rehearsal, and the entire wedding day runs on a carefully crafted schedule; don't be the person who throws everything off.

bridesmaids holding burgundy and mustard floral bouquets for wedding

Don't: Chew gum, fidget, or share secrets during the ceremony.

Smile and have good posture during the ceremony. The couple has spent a great deal of money on a photographer and videographer—the last thing they want to see when they look back on their big-day memories is a grumpy or uninterested attendant.

Don't: Disappear during the photo session.

Wait until the photographer lets you know that you won't be needed anymore before running off. Sure, you have earned a drink during cocktail hour, but if photos aren't quite finished, you'll have to wait just a little longer.

It's also important to pay attention to the photographer so you can all get through pictures quickly and efficiently. If you can, try to keep the rest of the wedding party focused, too.

Don't: Be rude, grouchy, or a wallflower.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't be rude to the bride or groom, but you should also strive to be a pleasant part of the day for everyone involved. Enjoy friendly, warm interactions with all the wedding vendors and guests you come into contact with. You should also be kind to other members of the bridal party.

When the reception starts, don't hug the wall. Guests often follow the cues of the bridal party, so if you're out on the dance floor, there's a good chance they'll get out of their seats, too. Do what you can to keep the party going and make the night fun for everyone.

Don't: Drive the band or DJ crazy with song requests.

Most couples have long conversations with their band or DJ about the types of music they do and don't want to hear at the wedding. Let the professionals use that information and read the room to create a fun, exciting atmosphere that's aligned with the bride and groom's vision.


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