How to Infuse a Little Humor Into Your Wedding Vows Without Going Overboard

It's important to strike the right balance.

If you're thinking about writing custom wedding vows with a touch of humor, go for it. Your ceremony will instantly take on a more intimate, relaxed tone that will show off your personalities better than standard vows would. Another option is to pepper traditional vows with humor here and there—in this regard, a little really does go a long way. When you use humor appropriately, it practically guarantees your guests will pay attention to your vows and, at the same time, show what a witty, original couple you are. Here are some tips for putting just the right amount of silliness into the ceremony.

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Avoid inside jokes.

If only a handful of your guests are going to get your joke (while the rest are thinking, "Tangerine Jell-o? Huh?"), you need to move on to better material that will give everyone a chuckle.

Remember Grandma is listening.

In other words, keep your vows tasteful. That means you shouldn't say anything that might make some of your guests blush. Instead, mine your material from the first time you met each other's parents, your pet peeves, and how you each have changed and grown since you first met. If you can work each other's unfortunate hairstyles or fashion choices into your vows, that'll go over big with the crowd.

Don't mistake your ceremony venue for your local comedy club.

Wedding vows are serious business and should be thoughtful, heartfelt, and intimate. Making guests laugh comes in second after vowing to live and love your partner forever. That's why it's best to add humorous bits here and there so it doesn't resemble a standup routine.

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