There are a lot of potential options, but only a few are absolutely required.

Today's wedding invitations tend to go light on paper and rely heavily on websites to explain all the details to guests. While every celebration has its own aesthetic and information to get across to family and friends, there are a few invitation enclosures that are still considered standard; others, while not necessarily required, will help make your invitations stand out. Here, we outline the ones that are absolute must-haves as well as the pieces you can consider only if you want to take your suite to the next level.

Required: Reply Card and Pre-Stamped Envelope

No matter how you plan to track RSVPs, having a reply card enclosure is a must. Another nonnegotiable? Including a pre-stamped, self-addressed postcard or envelope to make returning that RSVP simple. You might also choose to include instructions for RSVPing on your wedding website; this encourages more traction to the site, where guests can find additional information about the wedding weekend's festivities.

Required: Details Card

While it was once common to print separate enclosures providing detailed information on shuttles, attire, accommodations and travel, the weekend's agenda, and more, most modern wedding invitations put all of this information on one single details card. As space is limited on such a card, you'll want to keep it brief and make mention of your wedding website. Put the most important information on the details card (generally, attire requests, hotel room block information, and transportation), then provide more details on your website.

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Optional: Schedule of Events

If you're planning a weekend of events—including a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and post-wedding brunch—you'll want to include a schedule that guests can reference. With that being said, this enclosure should only be included in your invitation suite if all guests will be invited to each event; if not, list only what everyone is welcome to attend. A schedule complete with a list of dates, venues, and timing, as well as information on how to RSVP to each event, will help keep everyone organized.

Optional: Wedding Website

While this doesn't technically have to be outlined on its own enclosure, you'll want to make mention of your wedding website somewhere in your invitation suite. You wedding website is an ideal place to communicate a high level of detail to your guests. Accommodations, shuttle schedules, directions and transportation tips, notes on attire, your gift registry, and RSVP management can all be addressed here.

Optional: Map

A map is a fun enclosure to include—especially if you're hosting a destination wedding—but it's definitely not required. Some couples prefer to include these as part of a welcome bag, outlining spots where guests can visit throughout the wedding weekend. You may want to enlist the help of an artist or calligrapher for this design, and highlight your favorite local businesses to serve as a sort of guide for guests.


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