Who knew that tapping the back of your device could trigger a command?
woman in cafe on mobile phone
Credit: Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

Chances are, you purchased your iPhone to make your smart phone experience, well, smarter. You use your device to wrangle the family calendar, track workouts, stay on top of to-do lists, peruse social media, and more—and while the iPhone's list of built-in capabilities is endless, believe it or not, it's absolutely possible to make yours even more efficient. Save scrolling time and extra steps with these handy features, all available on the latest OS.

Back Tap

This shortcut lets you tap twice or three times on the back of your phone (who knew?) to trigger a preset action—to call a frequent contact, for example. To set it up, go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, then Back Tap. "I use it all the time to silence my phone," says Eric Griffith, features editor at PCMag.com.


Need to answer a quick email while FaceTiming with a friend or streaming Lupin? You can swipe up to your home screen, and it will magically shrink the call or video and float it in the corner of the screen. How's that for multi-tasking?


In Apple's iMessage app, reply directly to just one person in a group chat by holding a finger on his or her specific speech bubble. Another goodie: You can place any group or individual you text at the top of your screen: Just swipe right on the conversation and tap the yellow "Pin" button, and their circular icon will appear, floating above all the rest. Genius.


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