Modeled after slightly toxic English ivy, this winding vine looks extra sinister alongside faux snakes and black taper candles.
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creeping vine tablescape with black candles
Frank Frances

Between the slithery rubber snake, black tapers, and brainy-looking cheese, this tabletop is the last word in evil elegance. But the truly terrifying part is the vicious vine, sprouting leaves that resemble black hearts (they're modeled on slightly toxic English ivy). To make it, cut hearts out of black paper, hot-glue them to floral wire wrapped in black floral tape, and wind it along the table to ensnare unsuspecting diners. Looking for more Halloween tablescape inspiration? Discover more of our favorite Halloween tablescape ideas.

Created by Naomi Demañana


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut kraft paper into heart- shaped leaves with scissors. Wrap wire stems in stem tape.

Step 2

Cut small pieces of tape-wrapped wire; wrap around a longer piece of wire, creating small V shapes (like leaf stems). Glue large end to V shapes to make vine.


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