How to Make a Suspended Ghost Halloween Decoration

Set this creepy spirit up in your kitchen, then let the dishes pile up for the full effect.

desparate housewife skeleton doing dishes
Photo: Frank Frances

Your home's previous owner? She was the type who'd keep her kitchen clean, or die trying. Tell that to guests who startle at the sight of a ghoul floating above a steaming sink of dirty dishes. It's really a pot of dry ice, and "she" is a coat hanger stuck inside a papier-mâché skull, tricked out with skeleton arms, wrapped in crepe paper, and hung with fishing line from the ceiling. (But we'll never tell.) Read on for the step-by-step instructions and bring this spooky Halloween decoration straight into your kitchen.

Created by Naomi Demañana

What You'll Need


  • Coat hanger
  • Papier-mâché skull (Factory Direct Craft Life-Size Papier-Mâché Skull)
  • White crepe-paper sheet (Factory Direct Craft White Crepe-Paper Sheet)
  • Skeleton arms (Giftower Life-Size Skeleton Arms)
  • Flower wire stems (Bright Creations Flower-Wire Stems 16")
  • Fishing line


  1. Stick coat hanger into skull. Fold paper sheet in half, then unfold and hot-glue seam to top of skull, creating a hooded-cape effect. Pull sheet down, draping sides, and hot-glue edges in place under skull's chin. Glue the two open flaps behind skull together, to close back of hood. Continue wrapping and gluing to create shape of body.

  2. Insert skeleton arms into paper folds. Attach by wrapping wire stems around arms and hanger.

  3. Glue fishing line to top of ghost and suspend from ceiling.

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