This spirited arrangement, which was inspired by tulipière vases, is enough to make your jack-o'-lanterns jealous.
Flowers in gourd vase
Johnny Miller

This spirited arrangement is enough to make your jack-o'-lanterns jealous. Inspired by tulipière vases, which have multiple openings to hold individual stems, we drilled small holes in blush-hued "Porcelain Doll" pumpkins and then stacked them. We stuck in dahlias and chrysanthemums, but any firm-stemmed fall blooms will stand out beautifully.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Remove stems from large- and medium-size pumpkins. Drill a hole with a large drill bit every few inches around the upper curve of each pumpkin. Stack pumpkins as shown.

Step 2

Use watering can to fill each pumpkin with water, then place a single stem in each hole, trimming to desired lenght.


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