Upholstered Banquette

Create your very own built-in bench, which looks lovely in a breakfast or reading nook.

sitting area with wooden round table
Photo: Dane Tashima

To cover this built-in bench with made-to-measure custom-upholstered cushions, we looked to Stitchroom, which offers a slew of styles, fabrics, and color options—you supply your dimensions and check out. We opted for the "Andie" and "Skylar" Banquette Cushions (from $1,500 for a set, stitchroom.com) and the "Alex" Throw Pillow in Arctic Blush Cotton Velvet ($75, stitchroom.com) and Mustard Knit Chenille ($70, stitchroom.com). But if you don't have an existing base, you can craft a simple wooden one like ours. Get the how-to below.

What You'll Need


  • Plywood, 4 feet by 8 feet by ¾ inch
  • Circular saw and guide
  • 18 #8 1¼-inch screws
  • 9 large L brackets (each 3 inches or larger)
  • 4 small L brackets (each 2 inches)
  • 98 #8 ¾-inch screws
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Furniture wax


  1. Cut plywood into the following pieces: one 17 by 72 inches (front of bench); one 19¼ by 70½ inches (bench top); two 19¼ by 17 inches (sides of bench); one 16¼ by 14 inches (middle support); and two 2 by 34 inches (support strips)

  2. Using 1¼-inch screws, attach the two support strips to the upper reverse side of your 17-by-72-inch piece (front of bench), aligning them (with space in between) so there is ¾ inch of space at the top and outer edges.

  3. Attach one side using two large L brackets and ¾-inch screws. Repeat with the second side.

  4. Attach the middle support, centering it between the two sides, using two large L brackets and ¾-inch screws.

  5. Attach the bench top to the two sides and the middle support using the remaining three large L brackets and ¾-inch screws

  6. Use the four small L brackets and ¾-inch screws to tighten the seam between the front and top of bench.

  7. Sand and apply furniture wax.

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