Outdoor Wolf

A spooky silhouette lends an ominous vibe to your porch or front-of-house walkway. When night falls, you'll half expect these cut-outs to let out a resounding howl.

house with wolf silhouettes for Halloween
Photo: Frank Frances

Our outdoor wolf silhouettes will haunt your Halloween—or at least give your front yard some spooky energy. Make several in various positions (sitting, pacing, howling at the moon) to create your very own den, arranging them strategically. A wood flat will keep any standalone wolves upright; a sandbag holds them there, even if the wind starts blowing on a cool October night. Don't leave them out in the cold for long, though: This craft is not be waterproof, so display it on Halloween night or for a party only, and then store it until next year. Looking for more outdoor Halloween decorating inspiration? We have you covered—and consider a few indoor décor accents, as well, for good measure.

Created by Naomi deMañana

What You'll Need



  1. Download template, and have a local copy shop print it out on a 36-by-60-inch sheet of paper.

  2. Use adhesive to mount it on foam core or plastic board, then cut it out with knife.

  3. Place wood flat on the ground behind bottom of cut-out, and hammer it in to make a weighted base. You can place a sandbag on top for extra weight.

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