A spooky silhouette makes a howling-good impact from afar. Make several of these canines and place them in all the windows in the front of your home, and voilá: You have yourself a den of cubs.
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fantastic beast window silhouette in house
Frank Frances

A big, bad wolf can blow your house down—or blow up your Halloween décor. If you're artsy, draw his silhouette on black poster board ($8, michaels.com), cut it out with a utility knife, and tape it inside a window. Or simply use our template: Download it (and the rest of his den mates, which graced the cover of our October 2021 issue), have your local copier print it on a 36-by-60-inch sheet of paper, and follow along below. All you'll need are a handful of additional supplies, including an adhesive spray ($13, amazon.com). Post-Halloween, store it flat so you can unleash it again next fall. Looking for even more DIYs to complete ahead of All Hallows' Eve? We've got you covered. Discover 15 more decorating crafts—and even more interior projects that are spooky, but elevated.

Created by Naomi Demañana


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download template and have a local copy shop print it out on a 36-by-60-inch sheet of paper.

Step 2

Use adhesive to mount it on poster board, then cut out silhouette with knife. Tape silhouette to inside of window.


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