White-Swan Costume

Some felt, a cape, and a leotard are all you need to bring your little one's avian getup to life.

White Swan costume
Photo: Johnny Miller

This getup, starting with a leotard (start with a white ruffled option from Leotard Boutique (from $11, leotardboutique.com), which works well past the holiday) and tights, is fowl play at its best. Two pieces of felt (we sourced ours from Mood Fabrics ($9 a yard, moodfabrics.com))—form the head, black and orange felt finish the face, and a cape—pinned at the top or secured with Velcro—begs to be flapped. For cygnet feet, top the tights with black knee socks and shoes (Mary Janes look particularly sweet). It all comes together with the help of our downloadable template. Looking for even more Halloween costumes for kids? Peruse our collection to upgrade their holiday attire.


  1. Make hood: Draw profile of swan's head from template onto white felt; double up felt and cut out, so you have two identical pieces. Hot-glue top edges together to create a hood. Draw swan's beak from template onto orange felt, and eye area onto black felt; cut out and hot-glue onto top edge of hood.

  2. Make cape: Draw shape of cape with feathers at bottom from template on white felt, and cut out. Pin at top or secure with Velcro.

  3. Pair cape and hood with leotard and tights, socks, and shoes.

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